12 Step Alternatives For Alcohol And Drug Use

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Non 12 Step Alterantive For Drug and Alcohol UseFor many years the only option for treatment for substance use was a 12 step program, however there are now 12 step alternatives available to help you deal with drug and alcohol use problems and also to help family members address problems that may be related to the substance user's behavior.

12 step programs teach the false idea that drug and alcohol use is a disease that substance users through an alcoholic or addiction gene from their family. This idea promotes the philosophy that "it is not your fault that you consume alcohol and use drugs, you are a victim and you can't help it." The truth is that you are not diseased, there is no addiction gene and you can change your behaviors. People do it every day.

12 step programs would have you believe that you will need alcohol or drug treatment, support group meetings and therapy for the rest of your life and that belief in a higher power, abstinence and meetings are the only treatments available. The fact is that 12 step meetings are not the only help available. Admittedly, 12 step programs have a 95 percent dropout rate, with studies showing that the vast majority of 12 step members realize that they will never be successful in the program. There are several 12 step alternatives that you may find more beneficial to your situation.

Acupuncture, meditation therapy, hypnosis, vitamin therapy and yoga are all alternative approaches to 12 step programs. These are more holistic approaches that are also nonmedical and can be provided as an inpatient or outpatient basis. There are many holistic retreat settings where you can spend the weekend or a week in a relaxing spa like environment to become renewed. While you are there you may have small group meetings where you will discuss how to engage your positive energy and rebuild your life. This is more of a mind, body and spirit approach than the 12 step program.

Another 12 step alternative is Cognitive Behavioral Learning, which teaches self assessment and self change techniques to help you reevaluate your thoughts, choices and behaviors. You will learn how to make choices and decisions that are more in line with your values and goals, and you will build new habits and behaviors that are productive and will bring enrichment to your life.

Cognitive Behavioral Learning does not resort to manipulation, labeling and it does not pass judgment to try to control you, but instead it is designed to build self confidence and personal strength. When you begin identifying habits and behaviors that need to be changed, you can replace it with a habit and behavior that is more satisfying and useful to you and that enhance your life. Through Cognitive Behavioral Learning, you will discover that you are not helpless or powerless but that you have the strength to make different choices and to overcome your current circumstances.

Freedom Model Retreats in a non-treatment program and a 12 step alternative. We offer an educational cognitive behavioral program that can help you rebuild your life. We teach our guests how to use self evaluation in their decision and choice making process and to change habits and behaviors to overcome their situations and to have a life that is permanently free from substance use problems.

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