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America's Non 12 Step Program

The alternative to Alcohol Rehab, Drug Rehab, Alcohol Treatment, or Drug Treatment Centers

  • A Non-12 Step Cognitive Behavioral Approach that Empowers You to Achieve Permanent Results for your substance use problems.
  • No harming labels used, like addict or alcoholic - because you are not sick or diseased.
  • Personalized Program with over 26 years of Continuous Research attests to the effectiveness of our approach

The focus of the Saint Jude Program is on strengthening personal responsibility, self-confidence, self-reliance, perseverance, and self-sustained happiness.
For the optimal outcomes in substance use change, our dedicated team of researchers at Saint Jude's continuously verifies and refines the best practices and innovative methods in behavioral change and substance use education to bring you our world-renowned program. You can overcome alcohol and drug problems without innefective treatment methods - you are not sick or diseased.

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Our Retreats

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Saint Jude Twin Rivers Retreat

The Saint Jude Twin Rivers Retreat

A beautiful Victorian mansion that has been completely restored to its original splendor. Set in a picturesque village that is a gateway to America's most beautiful wildlife. It is the perfect place for someone to rediscover who they are, after substance use has impacted their life

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St Jude Mountain Retreat

The Saint Jude Mountain Retreat

Set in the quaint town of Wells, the incredible scenery of the Mountain Retreat is ideal for someone looking to escape the frenzied rush of everyday life. This peaceful setting that allows you to slow down and focus on changing your perspective on life.

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St Jude Executive Retreat

The Saint Jude Executive Retreat

Located in an exclusive location, the Executive Retreat possess luxury and ultimate privacy. With endless amenities and luxuries this retreat will truly help you stay comfortable while tackling your substance use issues head on.

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St Jude's Can Make Overcoming Drug Addiction
A Reality For You.

How many stories have you heard of people re-entering drug rehab and drug treatment countless times? The reason behind the rehab cycle is the addiction theory and the teachings of these drug treatment and rehab programs. In these programs, relapse, is a key part of recovery, and can make people believe that they are expected to use again, and not take responsibility for their actions. Accordingly, as long as people are addicted and relapsing on drugs, there will always be a need for drug treatment and rehab.

However, we can tell you that relapse is not a part of recovery and that you can permanently overcome drugs through choice, personal responsibility and self-control without years of on-going support programs.

  • You will learn how to control and stop drug addiction by realizing you have always been in control of your drug use and by understanding how the mistruths presented by rehabs about drug addiction may have hindered your past attempts of quitting.
  • You will understand how the brain can relearn your current thought patterns which are geared toward instant gratification habits such as getting high and redirect them towards alternative options for self-change. This proven science is called Neuroplasticity.
  • You will apply the lessons learned and formulate a detailed plan for the future, through a self-discovery process.

Ultimately you will gain a new perspective on your life by finding other means of happiness, joy and fulfillment, instead of solely basing your happiness on drug use. When faced with a difficult challenge, a traumatic event or deep emotional hurt, you will find that you have the mental ability to alter your actions, reactions, emotions and thought patterns to overcome any experience in your life.

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Alcohol Treatment Center

John, NY After attending many different programs I thought I would never get it, but my dad thought differently when he found St Jude's. What worked for me were the awesome social activities and the involvement of my instructor. Thank you for believing in me when I didn't."

Alcohol Rehabilitation

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Is Alcohol Ruining your Life? St Jude's Can Help You Restore The Things
That Matter Most.
Alcohol Addiction Ends Now.

Whether you have gone to alcohol treatment or an alcohol rehab programs in the past, or this is the first time you are seeking help for an alcohol problem, Saint Jude's approach is extremely different. The most common misconception in alcohol treatment and rehab today, is that addiction is a disease. We are here to tell you's not a disease, and alcoholism can be overcome.

Through our program we will motivate you to change and find a permanent solution to your alcohol problem. This is how:

  • You will gain a true understanding and meaning of what alcohol addiction really is and what it is not; to help you better assess and understand your current emotions, actions and behaviors.
  • Through personalized instruction you will be provided with the necessary tools that will help you change your existing habits and thought patterns associated with alcohol. This self-change is made possible through Neuroplasticity and our Cognitive Behavioral Education Methodology.
  • You will build a plan for a successful future where new found confidence, knowledge and self-control will play a role in your future decision making regarding alcohol use.

You will no longer feel the need to depend on alcohol, as you are in complete control of your actions. That means no more endless Alcohol Treatment or Alcohol Rehab Programs

Here you will leave with a real solution that has worked for thousands of people and will work for you too! Call us now to finally become free from alcohol addiction.

Alcohol Treatment Reviews

Kathryn, NY "When I called you, I was told that my recovery was in my hands; I had the power to make the choices that would dictate my future. Here I am today, happier and stronger than I've ever imagined. Thank you."

St Jude Retreat Review

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  • Over 30% of those who attend Saint Jude's are referred by past program graduates.
  • Over 55% of those who attend Saint Jude's have gone to treatment one or more times.

There is a significant difference between Saint Jude's & Treatment
and that is the difference between Success and Failure.

Saint Jude Retreats
  • Addiction is not a disease and you will not be labeled, but instead treated like a human being.
  • You will be motivated to change. And leave knowing that you are not 'in recovery' but in control of your choices.
  • You will leave knowing you are in complete control of your choices and actions, and that only you can dictate the course of your future.

Core Philosophy You are in Control
You are Powerful

Success Rate 62.5%
Treatment Centers
  • Labeled with an incurable disease of addiction, you will be labeled a drug addict and alcoholic.
  • In treatment you can not change, because addiction is out of your control. You must continue on-going support indefinitely.
  • You will need to remain in treatment for the rest of your life and will leave treatment thinking that you are not in control and powerless.

Core PhilosophyYou are Diseased
You are Powerless

Success Rate 5% to 20%
At Saint Jude's, we know you can change and leave addiction behind forever!


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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers Alternative, Alcoholism Is Not A Disease!The True Alternative To Drug Treatment and Alcohol Treatment

The St. Jude Retreats are not religious facilities. We welcome any and all people to our program. The St Jude Retreats offers an alternative to drug rehab centers and substance abuse treatment programs providing a permanent solution for substance use issues. Offering a solution for people struggling to overcome what the treatment industry likes to call drug abuse, substance abuse, chemical dependency, drug addiction and alcoholism. For more info about overcoming alcohol use and drug use habits at the St Jude Retreats.

The St. Jude Retreats and The St. Jude Program do not provide services requiring certification by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services. The Saint Jude Retreats do not provide alcohol detox, detoxification, drug detox, or services associated with the effects and symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and drug withdrawals from the use of heroin, crack cocaine, cocaine, vicodin, xanax, valium, methadone, opiates, narcotics, methamphetamines, marijuana, LSD, hallucinogens, ecstasy, club drugs, inhalants or any other illegal drug, prescription drug, or controlled substances. The Saint Jude Retreats is not an inpatient or outpatient medical facility. But we can assist you with locating the right detoxification services for you. We recommend making your reservation with us prior to going into detox to assure you have a bed waiting for you. Call today to get the best help available. (Click here to research the St Jude Retreats Success Rates and Statistics)

The Treatment Doesn't Work Abstract provides research regarding the statistics of alcohol treatment centers and drug rehabilitation programs that use medical and psychological methods such as; drug treatment, clinical therapy, certified therapeutic counseling strategies, licensed chemical dependency counselors, drug addiction and substance abuse counselors, psychiatrist, insurance based drug rehabs, hospital based drug abuse counseling and alcohol abuse counseling, in-patient rehabilitation program, out-patient rehabilitation programs, therapeutic communities, twelve step support groups, AA, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, NA, 12 step meetings, and halfway houses. For the purpose of this website Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab, Rehabilitation, Treatment, Residential Treatment, Detox and Detoxification refers to treatment programs that use medical and psychological methods to treat alcohol abuse and drug problems. The references to Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings, AA Meetings, Narcotics Anonymous Meetings, NA, and 12 Step Meetings refers to national support groups that adhere to the disease concept of alcoholism and drug addiction following 12 step disease based principles.

The Saint Jude Retreats can help you if you are looking for: Cocaine Rehab, Heroin Rehab, Crystal Meth Rehab, MDMA Rehab, and of course Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehab Services.

For more info about overcoming alcohol use and drug use habits at the St Jude Retreats call now, 1.888.424.2626

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