About the Saint Jude Retreats

Providing Evidence Based Solutions to Addictions since 1992

The Saint Jude's HISTORY

About the St Jude Retreats In 1988 a career researcher, Mr. Gerald Brown, sought to determine the actual success rates for conventional alcohol rehab and drug rehabilitation, as well as 12 step support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. As he was conducting his research he met the man who would become his research assistant, Mr. Mark Scheeren. After three years of intensive research, together they created the first social/educational model to help people to overcome drug and alcohol problems. Thus, the St. Jude Program was born (1992) providing the solution to the ever-increasing substance use problem in the United States

The Saint Jude Retreats Now

Today the St. Jude Team has grown to more than 60 dedicated individuals who have brought new hope and renewed lives to thousands of people struggling with substance use issues. As researchers, educators, and the original creators of the non-disease, non 12-step model, this is the most experienced team and effective team within the industry today.

St. Jude's continues to lead the way for the drug treatment industry as our program is continuously updated with the newest research. Our goal is to provide the most effective program and we build effectiveness into every aspect of our cognitive behavioral education process.

Why the Saint Jude Retreats Name?

Even though we share the same name, we are not affiliated nor a division of the Saint Jude's Children Hospital. The reason we use "Saint Jude" in our name is because our organization's founders are Catholic and believed that the saint's mission and purpose represented the goal of our program, which is helping people overcome substance abuse. Historically Saint Jude Thaddeus, helped those who are fighting a lost cause or an impossible feat or goal, he provides strength through difficult and adverse times. Due to the empowerment our program provides people to help them obtain sobriety and overcome substance, the name was fitting. Although Saint Jude Retreats instills hope in many, the educational text does not include any religious implications necessary to achieve sobriety, although we support any and all religious beliefs practiced by individuals throughout their stay in our program.


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