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Addiction Recovery Topics

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Detoxification May Be The First Step

Addiction Recovery Topics Taking the first step toward getting help with a substance use problem is a difficult one to make. Depending on the degree of drug or alcohol use, detoxification may be needed before you can enter a program to help you overcome your substance use problem. Your doctor or other health care provider can tell you whether or not that is needed. As you consider the options available for help, keep in mind the long term benefits that each program has to offer and also these addiction recovery topics.

There are many different addiction recovery topics to consider before your decide to enroll in a program. Some examples are:

  • 12 Step Rehabs vs. Non 12 Step Programs
  • Methadone or Suboxone use as replacement medication
  • Detox before entering alcohol or drug treatment
  • Addiction Counseling vs. Cognitive Educational Methods
  • Addiction Treatment Issues or Concerns
  • Continued Support (Recovery) vs. Freedom of drug use forever

These are all important issues you should consider before picking a program. Most traditional addiction recovery programs, including the 12 steps, are based on the belief that alcohol and drug use problems are a disease. Twelve step proponents insist that you are powerless to stop using. Programs that embrace 12 step philosophies teach that you will always be an addict, that you are powerless to stop using, that you need to turn to God or a Higher Power for deliverance from use, that you will always have to abstain, that you will forever need to be on guard against relapses, and that you will need to attend 12 step meetings for the rest of your life.

Facing such a difficult and dismal future might well be discouraging. In reality, your future can be bright and you can enjoy a life that is permanently free from substance use.

Help Without The 12 Steps

The truth is that there is no need for addiction recovery because you are not diseased. The non-religious St. Jude Retreats program does not use the 12 steps. We offer a non-treatment program that uses Cognitive Behavioral Education to teach self-assessment and self-change. Through our six week program, our guests learn to reevaluate their choices, prioritize goals, and develop behavior patterns that are positive and bring enhancement to their lives without substance use.

The reason for our optimism is that we have independent outside researchers periodically evaluate the long term success of our former guests in remaining clean and sober. We have a clear cut way in which you will overcome drug or alcohol use without ongoing recovery meetings. Our approach has been proven to work and has helped thousands rediscover a life full of happiness. If you have any questions regarding addiction recovery topics, our friendly family consultants would be glad to personally answer any of them! Call today, Choose Change!


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