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Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Worried about alcohol withdrawal symptoms? St. Jude Retreats can show you where to get help

Alcohol Withdrawal SymptomsThe thought of having to experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms prevents many individuals from getting the help that they need for their alcohol use problem. Alcohol withdrawal occurs when an individual quits their alcohol use, but the truth is that not everyone experiences alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Whether or not you will depends on how often you use alcohol, how much alcohol you use, and how long you have been using alcohol.

If you have been engaging in chronic and excessive alcohol use, you may experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms. It is best, in this case that you consult with a medical doctor to discuss your options so that your withdrawal symptoms are monitored and minimized.

Some individuals experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms that are both psychological and physical. Psychological symptoms may include depression, fatigue, irritability, and anxiety, while physical withdrawal symptoms may include insomnia, sweating, nausea, vomiting, headaches, increased heart rate, tremors, seizures, and loss of consciousness. In some severe cases, individuals experience delirium tremens, or commonly known as the "DTs", which are moments of hallucinations and confusion.

Your alcohol consumption has resulted in toxic chemicals accumulating in your body. Alcohol detox will remove those toxins from your system and help to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms. Intravenous therapy (IV) medical detox is considered the most effective and safest method for alcohol detox. IV therapy medical detox is administered by a licensed and board certified physician with experience in critical care medicine. Intravenous therapy allows the doctor to make any necessary changes in the medication protocol based on your body's individual reactions to detoxification. The doctor may increase or decrease the medication as your alcohol withdrawal symptoms change to support your body chemistry. The results are that you complete the detox process as comfortably and thoroughly as possible. Research has indicated that individuals who complete alcohol detox are more likely to be successful at sobriety than individuals who are not able to complete detox.

After you have successfully completed alcohol detox, you may want to enroll in a program that can help you rebuild your life and achieve long term permanent success. St. Jude Retreats uses cognitive behavioral education to teach our guests to use self-assessment and self-change to reevaluate their decisions and choices.

Many programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and other 12 Step programs, promote alcohol use as a chronic, incurable disease model. The Saint Jude Retreat program's research has proven that the disease theory is simply not true. There is no evidence proving the existence of a gene for alcoholism and no proof that alcohol use is a disease, chronic, incurable, or otherwise. Your brain associates alcohol use with the pleasant feeling it has had before when you consumed alcohol. You can make different choices and teach your brain to associate a different behavior with getting pleasant feelings.

Our guests learn to develop habits and behaviors that are positive and enhancing to their life and they discover that they become more empowered, self confident, and have an increase in their self esteem as a result of the Freedom Model Retreats program. Our guests realize that they can have long term success in a life and make permanent changes in their alcohol use.


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