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Are Long Term Sobriety Homes Effective?

Achieve Long Term Sobriety Under Sant Jude Retreats Guidance

Are There Other Options Beside Long Term Sobriety Homes

Are Long Term Sobriety Homes Effective?Long term sobriety homes have different factors as to how they measure their success. They generally take into consideration the number of individuals that pass through their program as a measurement of their success, but are long term sobriety homes effective?

For the most part, long term sobriety homes follow a 12 step based philosophy for treatment which means that they implement the points that are used in A. A. and N. A. They also follow a substance use is an addiction disease concept and believe that you inherited your disease from your parents. They believe that the only treatment is surrendering your addiction to a Higher Power and to try to maintain a policy of abstinence – which you will not be able to do because another component to 12 step belief is that you will relapse and that you are powerless against your disease. This type of philosophy prevents the individual in substance use from accepting their responsibility in their alcohol or drug use.

What Sobriety Homes Offer

Long term sobriety homes offer residential substance use treatment to individuals struggling from alcohol and drug use. Sobriety homes promote different types of care from closely monitored care to transitional to independent and non-residential care. It is promoted in stages and the idea is to gradually complete the stages.

Sobriety homes are one stop shopping, meaning that they provide all the counseling, group therapy and 12 step meetings. Their policy of total abstinence is enforced by mandatory urine analysis and breathalyzer tests.

The reality is that while these approaches may work for some individuals they will not work for everyone or for the long-term. There is no empirical evidence to support that alcohol and drug use are brain diseases and there is no such thing as an addiction or alcoholic gene. Therefore long term sobriety homes are rarely effective, and will not "fix" the problem.

A True Solution For Sobriety

Accepting responsibility for the choices you make is relevant and important to being able to overcome the obstacles. Passing the blame to someone other than you does not benefit anyone. If your goal is to achieve abstinence then you should work toward that goal; however there can be success in moderation all the same.

If you understand and accept that your alcohol and drug use is a choice that you make and that it does not stem from an addiction gene but it is learned behavior, then you will realize that you do not need lifelong counseling or therapy and you will discover that it is not necessary to spend months or years in a residential recovery program.

St. Jude Retreats non-treatment educational program that uses self assessment and self change to reevaluate choice and decisions and to make choices that are productive to your life. Our guest learn that developing habits and behaviors that are positive, leads them to a more fulfilling and purposeful life. The Freedom Model program builds self confidence and self esteem and gives guests the tools they need to be empowered and as a result they discover that they can overcome substance use.


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