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Do I Need Long Term Recovery for Alcohol Use?

Not everyone needs a long term recovery for alcohol use. Learn if you do!

Addiction RecoveryThere are a number of traditional alcohol use treatment facilities that want you to believe that you will need treatment for the rest of your life after you complete a detox and/or an alcohol rehab program. If you have just completed a detox and/or rehab program and you want to know, do I need long term recovery for alcohol use, the answer is no, you do not need long term recovery.

12 Step programs - and any other recovery program that uses a 12 Step model - teach the false idea that alcohol use is an incurable disease that you inherited from your family. 12 Step programs believe that there is an alcoholic gene that is passed down from generation to generation in families. They promote the idea that the only treatment available is meetings for the rest of your life, belief in a higher power and submission to that power and total lifelong abstinence. 12 Step programs also teach that you will inevitably relapse and that you are powerless against your desire to use alcohol. While 12 Step programs boast about having more than 2 million members, they also have a 95% dropout rate within 1 year.

The truth is that you are not diseased. To date, there is no scientific evidence for an alcoholic gene and there is no real scientific proof that alcohol use is a disease. Whatever changes that your brain has incurred during your alcohol use; the brain can be remapped to a new life without alcohol use. If you change the behavior, you will not need long term recovery.

St. Jude Retreats offers a six week Cognitive Behavioral Education (CBE) program that shows guests how to use self assessment and self change to reevaluate their choices and behaviors. Guests learn to make decisions and choices that are more productive and to form behaviors and habits that are positive and enhancing to their life.

Unlike 12 Step programs that use labels, such as "alcoholic" or "addict", the Freedom Model Retreats program does not use labels, nor do we judge or manipulate our guests as a way to control them. We educate our guests so they can rebuild self confidence and self esteem. Our guests feel empowered to move beyond their current situations and circumstances to have a life that is permanently free from alcohol and/or drug use, without the need for lifelong meetings.

Sometimes, guests need a little more time to learn the program and to feel confident before returning home. With those guests in mind, Saint Jude Retreats offers PREP (Personal Review and Enhancement Program) with three different program emphases: the young adult, the adult, and the senior adult.

The Young Adult PREP program was designed for guests between the ages of 15 to 30 and helps prepare them for the challenges they face at school and work, building and re-establishing positive relationships with family and friends, dealing with peer pressure and stepping successfully into adult roles.

The Adult PREP program meets the needs of our guests between the ages of 31 to 60 many of whom are struggling with the challenges they face with adult responsibilities and maturity. Guests gain more self confidence and are able to set goals that will lead them to a more purposeful future.

The Senior Adult PREP program was created for our guests 61 and up. Some of our guests in this group need help defining new goals and purpose for their life as they meet the challenges of retirement, aging, and crafting a vibrant life in their golden years.


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"Theresa, Jim, Mark, Shannon, Renata, AlL the people at the St. Jude Retreats: I did not realize how much of an influence you all have had on my life until I have run into situations where I feel nothing is going right. In the each situation I have learned "from you" to look at the positive, in everything however small it may seem. Wow what a difference it makes focusing on the positive part of everything instead of the negative. I could give you numerous examples but they would be too lengthy to mention. Thank you again for teaching and coaching me to always look at the positive part of everything even if it only a small part of the total picture!" John Click Here For More Testimonials
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