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Family Resources for Substance Use

Living with a substance user can be tough. Learn how you can help repair strained relationships without guilt, blame, or labeling.

Family Resources for Substance UseDealing with a loved one who is struggling with substance use issues can seem all-consuming and family members can experience feelings of frustration, guilt, shame, resentment, as well as many other emotions. When a loved one is struggling with substance use, the family may not know where to turn for help. They may feel as if they are alone and the only family suffering with this problem. It's important to know that there are family resources for substance use available.

Oftentimes, family members are confused by the conflicting information, labels, and questionable advice given by treatment providers. This may lead to feelings of doubt, guilt, anger, and fear that can negatively impact everyday life for themselves and their loved one. For this reason, Saint Jude Retreats developed the Saint Jude Family Program. The Saint Jude Family Program helps families overcome the emotional stress and anxiety associated with their loved one's problem. It also guides them in rebuilding their own lives, which may have been disrupted in helping the substance user.

Unlike conventional treatment centers, Saint Jude's does NOT label family dynamics as dysfunctional or co-dependent. It does not tear families apart by creating greater anxiety and resentment. Instead, it seeks to:

  • Provide the family with research based information about substance use and substance use related problems.
  • Help family members improve their relationships with each other and with the substance user.
  • Show the family the most effective strategies to help their loved one as they overcome their substance use problems.

Your experience has shown you that you have no control over someone struggling with drug and alcohol problems, but there are strategies you can implement to improve your own life as well as your relationship with the substance user. The Saint Jude Family Program will outline the vast differences between the Saint Jude Program and traditional treatment, and it will provide you with effective solutions to the many problems families of substance users face. By learning the facts about substance use, families gain a greater understanding of why traditional treatment or rehab in the past has failed.

The Saint Jude Family Program is designed especially for family members and will empower family members to build the life they want for themselves; regardless of the choices their loved one has made in the past and may make in the future. The goal of the Saint Jude Family Program is to help family members repair relationships that may be damaged by months or years of conflict and, in some cases, abuse. Contrary to what so many treatment professionals proclaim, families can rebuild and maintain healthy, positive relationships in spite of substance use problems; and family members can learn more helpful methods to assist their loved one in the process of making lasting lifestyle changes.


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