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Psychedelic Mushrooms Addiction

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Can Hallucinogen Use Become An Addiction

Psychedelic Mushrooms AddictionPsychedelic Mushrooms or Magic Mushrooms as they are often called are a variety of mushrooms that grow wild in the UK and are a hallucinogen similar to Mescaline, LSD, Ketamine and PCP.

What do Psychedelic Mushrooms look like?

There are approximately a dozen different varieties of Mushrooms. Some people refer to them as Shrooms, liberties, magics, blue meanies, liberty caps, golden tops and mushies. They look like dried mushrooms, or they may come in capsule form.

Psychedelic Mushrooms are very similar to a poisonous variety of fungi mushrooms. If you ingest the poisonous variety, it is important that you get to the emergency room at the hospital as soon as possible and that you take a sample of the mushroom with you.

Psychedelic Mushrooms Use

Psychedelic Mushrooms may be eaten fresh, brewed and mixed into tea, cooked and swallowed in pill form. The effects of Psychedelic Mushrooms may last approximately six hours. It is important to note that Mushroom use is unpredictable and once the trip starts there is no way to stop it and no way of determining whether it will be a good trip or a bad trip.

The effective ingredient in Psychedelic Mushrooms is psilocybin, which is the same mind altering chemical that makes LSD effective. Psychedelic Mushrooms distort the mind into feeling, seeing, hearing and thinking things are there when they are really not. Mushrooms can alter sound, objects and colors, as well as change how the mind perceives time by speeding it up or slowing it down. Some Psychedelic Mushrooms produce an out of body experience or a dream like state.

Signs of Excessive Mushroom Use

The most common sign of Psychedelic Mushrooms addiction are hallucinations, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, nightmares, loss of time, confusion, flashbacks and headaches. Excessive and chronic use of mushrooms can create a tolerance that will require more of the drug to achieve the same results. As with other habitual drug use, the individual may become consumed with thoughts of using Psychedelic Mushrooms, occupied with getting more of the drug and have anxiety when they do not get the drug.

Side Effects of Psychedelic Mushrooms

Psychedelic Mushrooms can alter movement and speech. Mushrooms can cause the person to become hostile and can create panic attacks as well as paranoia, psychosis, heart attack, convulsions and anxiety. Psychedelic Mushrooms can have detrimental side effects including high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack and a hormonal imbalance.

Psychedelic Mushrooms do not possess any physically addictive qualities so there is no need to detoxify. However individuals who habitually use the drug may experience a desire to use the drug and may want to seek an alternative program to help them rebuild their life once they quit using Psychedelic Mushrooms.

If you want to stop using psychedelic mushrooms or any other type of drug, the Saint Jude Program can help. Through self motivation and control, the program helps people understand why they do not need drugs to live a happy life. If you are ready to change, call today.


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