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Addiction Treatment Costs

Saint Jude Retreats Can Ease The Financial Strain

The Cost Of Help Can Often Become Too Much

Addiction Treatment CostsMany individuals never get the help they need because addiction treatment costs are more than they can afford. If your insurance does not cover different forms of treatment, or you do not have the money to pay for the total cost of treatment, there are other option that in the long run are more effective than addiction treatment.

There are different types of substance use treatment centers and the cost will depend on the type of program and length of program that you attend. If you attend an inpatient program, it will most likely cost more than an outpatient program. A medical treatment program will probably be more expensive than a nonmedical program. The costs of a program that lasts longer than the conventional 28 day treatment center could be more expensive, or sometimes way less!

Look For A Success Rate

When you are factoring the cost of treatment and how you are going to be paying for it, perhaps you should look at the success rate of the facility you are considering first. Do you want to invest $20,000 in a program that has a 30 percent success rate; probably not. Although success can depend on varying factors, a large percentage of the time is comes down to comfort. If the treatment is uncomfortable, if you feel demeaned while you are there, and if the staff is cold and unfriendly, you are probably not going to stay and complete the treatment. Getting help is an investment in your future, so ask all the right questions before you agree to commit. If you are not in the right frame of mind to make that decision, have someone you trust look into the treatment and rehab facility.

These days many drug and alcohol programs provide finance opportunities to their patients to pay for a program. In most cases, there is a low APR and no penalty for paying off early. The benefit of financing the cost of treatment is that you can stretch the cost out over several payments.

Discounts And Scholarships

Some treatment facilities will even give a discount if they know that you are going to have to pay the entire cost out of pocket, or have a sliding scale for fees that is based on financial need. Still other programs offer scholarships to individuals in need that cover a large portion of the cost, if not the entire amount. When you find a program that you are interested in, ask if they have any payment programs.

What you really need to ask yourself is not if treatment is affordable, but if it is effective? Will you see yourself as an addict for the rest of your life? Entering a treatment center is easy, and they will provide you with many options; but leaving treatment is difficult. It is difficult because of the main principles taught at these centers and the philosophy behind them. Addiction is not a disease, people do change their lives around, and treatment is not needed, however this is not what you will learn in a standard program.

If you want a life free from regrets and labels then Saint Jude's will be a much better option. We have a program to fit every budget and we can work with your budget too.


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