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Addiction Treatment Insurance

Saint Jude Retreats Offers Financial Assitance

Common Issues In Addiction treatment

Addiction Treatment InsuranceThe decision to get help for your drug or alcohol use problem is an opportunity to take back control of your life. But you might be wondering if your treatment is covered by your insurance and, if not, how you will pay for your treatment.

Just because the facility you are entering takes insurance does not mean that your insurance will cover the cost the program. In most instances, addiction treatment insurance plans will only pay for a specified amount of addiction treatment. Generally speaking, insurance will cover part of up to 28 days of inpatient treatment. The average cost of a 28 day stay in a treatment facility can range anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000. Your insurance company can tell you how many weeks the insurance might cover, how much your co-pay would be, if there is a deductible, and what other out-of-pocket expenses you would incur.

Dual Diagnosis

Some traditional treatment centers will give a dual diagnosis. This means that they will say that in addition to your alcohol or drug use problem, you also have a psychiatric or psychological disorder such as depression, antisocial personality disorder, bipolar or obsessive compulsive disorder so that the insurance will consider your stay a medical matter.

If your insurance will not pay for your substance use treatment, there are other options that may help you in getting the treatment you need. The non-profit St. Jude Retreats offers financial assistance for those who qualify. They offer scholarships to guests based on specific financial need criteria and also work with a 3rd party finance company which could help you make smaller payments over time.

The Science Of Neuroplasticity

The Saint Jude Retreats program uses Cognitive Behavioral Education and the science of Neuroplasticity to teach guests how to use self-evaluation to make choices that are more productive. More importantly you will gain a solution for drinking or drugging which is something to consider about addiction treatment.

Unlike these treatment centers, you will not need to continuously re-enroll in at treatment program over and over again, like an almost revolving- door process. You will leave our program with the confidence and responsibility to make better choices in your life moving forward. Learning to develop behavior patterns that are positive will help you achieve future life goals and put substance use in the past. Our program builds self-esteem and inspires confidence.

While many people are considered about addiction treatment insurance, having insurance or not having insurance should not stop you from getting help for an on-going alcohol or drug addiction problem. Insurance can sometimes be just as costly as paying out of pocket. Further, Saint Jude Retreats is a third of the cost of a normal program. Government funded program are also not always successful and typically are crammed and uncomfortable. Remember it's important to invest in your future, it's the only one you have.


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