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Why Are Transgender People Afraid To Seek Addiction Treatment?

The fear is real, so where does it come from, and what can be done to lessen it?

Why Are Transgender People Afraid To Seek Addiction Treatment?Unfortunately, hatred and prejudice are still abundant in our country. Despite significant progress toward racial and gender equality, transgender people still face harassment, harmful stereotypes, religious and workplace discrimination, and other unfounded, unfair forms of intolerance. In an effort to relieve their stress or forget their painful experiences, transgender people turn to substance use at higher rates than other communities do.

Being transgender doesn't cause you to use drugs excessively, but at Saint Jude Retreats, we fully understand why you may have sought relief in substance use. We also understand why traditional rehab centers are a poor fit for you. If you've been excluded, judged, or demeaned in a 12 Step program, consider our self-directed Cognitive Behavioral Education approach instead. We abide by the following principles, in an effort to be your best advocate and resource throughout your journey toward self-improvement.

No Tolerance For Intolerance

We accept every guest with open arms and prohibit hateful language and behavior. Rather than separating you into a LGBT group -- or looking the other way as other guests voice their misguided, offensive, or discriminatory opinions -- we enforce a strict no harassment policy. If any guest uses offensive, threatening language toward you or makes you feel unsafe, we'll ask them to leave.

No Religious Pressure

The majority of 12 Step programs rely on Christian values, if not Christianity itself, to solve your problems with moderation or sobriety. Christianity or any religion or faith is not inherently a bad thing but some people use it for their own agendas, including justifying hate and intolerance of others. Some 12 Step programs will ask participants to replace their dependence on substances with a dependence on a "higher power" as a religious substitute, but we want our guests to be completely independent and self-reliant.

If you're religious or a person of any faith or belief system, you're free to incorporate that into your goals and personal plan. If you don't subscribe to a belief system, you don't have to worry about adopting one to be successful as you can be successful with your own resources. Most importantly, you won't be judged or treated differently whatever you choose to do.

Celebration Of Individuality

We don't discriminate at Saint Jude Retreats because you don't deserve it. We also think negative shaming and blaming techniques are ineffective ways to reach anyone with substance struggles, LGBTQ or not. Instead of denying or ignoring your true identity, you'll have the opportunity to pursue your own dreams and goals and embracing and celebrating your individuality.

Whether you're in the process of transitioning, still not out to your loved ones, or living as an out and proud trans*man or woman, we want to share in this very important part of your life. It will be an important part of your progress here too. At Saint Jude Retreats, feel free to be your beautiful self. Our goal is to make it easier for you to love, appreciate, and understand everything that makes you unique. In the end, we hope that excessive drug use, drinking, and other self-destructive habits will no longer seem like your wisest (or only) option.


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