In this age of social media and instant searches for anything and everything, there are benefits to the “instant search” features of the internet we have all become accustomed to. However, there is a dark side to every coin – and in this case, there is as much fraud and misinformation on the web as there is factual and ethical content. Nothing is more true in this regard than with searches for a “30 day rehab near me” search.

The drug and alcohol rehab industry has always attracted scam artists, and the greedy. It also attracts some of the best researchers, and humanitarians the world has known. The question for those seeking a rehab near them is this; what is behind the facility or program you’ve found in your search?

Things to Look For in Your Search for a Rehab

There are 3 classifications of residential rehabs:

  1. 12 Step
  2. Non-12 Step Hybrid
  3. Non-12 Step

Over 95% of all drug and alcohol rehabs are 12 step or some derivation thereof. They are based in counseling and the idea that addiction is a disease, a chronic relapsing disease, or a disorder. All of these ideas are based on making sure that health insurance will pay the bill by making a behavioral habit a disease, and nothing more. Addiction is, in fact, NOT a disease, so therefore these facilities should be avoided. Falsely diagnosing someone with a disease they do not have to get insurance reimbursements is unethical, but unfortunately it’s a common practice in the addiction-help industry.

The Non-12 step Hybrid Model is even more insidious. These rehab facilities and sober living houses are nothing more than 12 step facilities rebadged as non-12 step facilities to capture the populations who do not want 12 step methods and who reject the powerlessness narratives and questionable methods that are promoted in those programs. Unfortunately, those who enter such “Non-12 step” imposters get a bait and switch scenario, and are actually hoodwinked into a conventional 12 step model without initially knowing they are doing so. This class is filled with scams and fraud. To understand the level of fraud, simply google “rehab Florida shuffle.”

The only true Non-12 step model in the world are the originators of the first residential non-12 step model: The Freedom Model Retreats. This model is completely non-12 step, non-disease based, and is considered non-treatment because of their complete rejection of the disease model. As they say, “if there is no disease, there’s nothing to treat.” This model advocates medical detox for those who need it, and then their Freedom Model System Curriculum offered exclusively at one of their Upstate New York retreats. It has a proven 30 year track record of success, and a long history of guest satisfaction.