If you are a professional with a substance use problem, you may be in need of an alcohol and drug rehab for professionals. For many professionals, especially those who have kept their alcohol and drug use private, taking the time to enter a facility or to attend meetings where they may have their substance use exposed, could be embarrassing or worse, career ending.

The thought of attending 12 step meetings does not appeal to most professionals. Most of the traditional treatment programs focus on substance use as an inherited disease that requires lifelong treatment, submitting to the will of God or a Higher Power, belief in helplessness against substances, continuous guarding against relapses, and abstinence for life. However, there is a program that does not require 12 step meetings and is specifically designed for professionals.

St. Jude Retreats is not a 12 step program. It does not believe in the disproven theory that alcohol and drug use problems are caused by a disease. Instead, it helps guests overcome their substance use through Cognitive Behavioral Education.

The truth is that you are responsible for your choices and decisions. You are not powerless, but have the power to make choices and decisions that are more productive and enhance your life. In traditional therapy, counselors use judgment, manipulation and labeling to influence people to believe a particular view. The St. Jude program does not judge or try to control and manipulate people’s feelings and thoughts. Program guests discover that they have the strength to develop habits and behaviors that are enriching to their life and that they can enjoy a life free of alcohol and drug problems.

The Saint Jude Executive Retreat was created as an alternative to alcohol and drug rehab for professionals. The Executive Retreat offers private rooms and baths, and dedicated space for guests to continue their professional business. Instruction is one-on-one and guests also have access to massage, sauna, a swimming pool, and a Jacuzzi. The accelerated program option gives working executives enough time to balance out and understand their problems with substance use without losing touch with their professional careers or businesses.

The six week program at the St. Jude Executive Retreat is very successful in helping people. Periodic studies by outside research organizations demonstrate that former guests have at least a long term 62% success rate in achieving and maintaining a gratifying life free of any alcohol or drug problems. This success rate is independently verified which guarantees you optimal success.