According to traditional treatment and most of the medical community, alcoholism is an easy pathway for death. If your life is consumed every moment by when you are going to get your next drink, and if when you drink your goal is to become intoxicated, then you might have a problem with alcohol use. Luckily, Saint Jude Retreats has a different philosophy that can help you stop drinking and get your life back together while you still have time to make a difference.

The problem with excessive and chronic alcohol use is the damage that it does to the body, of course that is usually after your alcohol use has destroyed your family, your relationships, your career, your finances and then it starts to destroy your health. This isn’t always the case, but for some, it truly destroys their entire life.

Alcohol works through the body and begins to break it down rather quickly. The more you use alcohol, the more quickly you develop a tolerance and the more you have to drink to achieve the same happy feelings you get when you drink. In a way drinking can replace having to deal with real life situations. It’s easier to continue drinking then take a long hard look at why you’re resorting to alcohol.

Excessive and chronic alcohol use is an easy pathway for death because of the affect it has on the organs such as the heart, liver, kidneys and brain. Alcohol use can also affect sleeping patterns, increase depression and anxiety and dementia and can lead to organ failure.

The more alcohol you consume, the higher your blood pressure will be. You may develop problems with circulation and develop an irregular heartbeat. Overtime, you will become a high risk for stroke or heart attack. Heart damage from alcohol use is permanent. Once it is there, it is there.

The brain can suffer tremendously with alcohol use, especially if it is excessive. Brain function may decrease and process may decrease as well. Individuals who engage in excessive alcohol use, especially chronic users, may experience mood swings and motor impairment.

The most detrimental impact of alcohol use on the body is liver damage, with cirrhosis being the most common health problem. Cirrhosis or scarring on the liver is not uncommon in chronic alcohol users and it is a fatal condition. Some individuals have to have the excess fluid drained from their abdomen every few weeks because they cannot expel it. Jaundice is another common health problem among chronic alcohol users.

There are some conditions that are deadly even if there was no chronic alcohol use present, even if the excessive alcohol use occurred in a single episode. Binge drinkers put themselves at a high risk for death. Consuming large quantities in short time periods is dangerous. The individual may die from alcohol poisoning or asphyxiation. The other dangerous part of drinking, is when it is mixed with prescription drugs, or any other type of drug which in severe cases, can lead to a fatal overdose.

If you have decided to get help for alcohol use, you may need to detox first before entering an alcohol program. IV therapy medical detox has been regarded by physicians as the most effective and safest method for detox. IV therapy is supervised by a physician; Intravenous therapy is relevant because it allows the physician to make changes to the medication protocol to meet the withdrawal symptoms and to keep the patient comfortable and able to successfully complete the detox.

St. Jude Retreats is an alternative program that can help you after you complete the detox process. Alcoholism does not have to be an easy pathway for death; you can always change your life, if you truly want to. Through our unique social and educational program you can learn to rethink your thoughts and behaviors so that you’re in control of your decisions. Once you establish this confidence it will be much easier to pass and also realize that you don’t need alcohol to be a happy person.