While there are no actual underlying causes for substance use, individuals with a drug or problem may have reasons to justify their use. When someone claims there are “causes” it makes it sound as if that person has no control and that just is not the case. Substance users always have control, no one forces the alcohol or drugs into their bodies, those are choices those individuals decide to make.

Many people who feel they have an alcohol “addiction” blame it on their current situation, whether it involves relationships, a job, financial stress or just life in general. But these factors really do not contribute or cause substance use. All people experience stressful situations and go through hard times. If they are taught that drinking or drugging are good ways to deal with the natural struggles and challenges of life, then that is what they will use to cope. It is simple really; it is all based on a person’s own beliefs. If they believe drugs and alcohol are good coping tools they will use them as such. If they do not, they won’t use them.

The fundamental reason why people in our society use substances is because they like to use them and gain some form of happiness or pleasure from it. Now, someone might also use substances as a learned coping mechanism if they believe it will help them during difficult times, but nonetheless, doesn’t it come right down to liking the feeling of being drunk and/or high? Just because a person has stress and/or trauma in their life does not mean they must get drunk and high.

All people experience stress and trauma, and the majority do not drink or drug at all. So getting drunk or high when things are difficult does not have to be the way these issues are handled. That choice is up to that person, and they can change that pattern and the course of their life. That is where St. Jude’s will help you.

The most important thing a person struggling with substance use problems can do is separate substance use from life issues, so that each can be addressed with their own specific solutions. By breaking the connection between substance use habits and other life issues, a person dealing with these problems is able to solve each with amazing efficiency. Substance use problems can be a thing of the past, and changing your belief system about substance use can be the key to making it a reality.