Can I become free from a drug addiction? This is a question that is asked everyday by people who are tired of their life of drug use and the problems it creates. Fortunately, the answer is yes, you can be free from drug addiction.

One of the first questions to consider is whether or not detox is needed. Detoxification is the process of cleaning the body of toxins that have accumulated from drug use. Not everyone needs detox; it depends on the type of drugs used, how often they have been used, the quantity of drugs used, and how long they have been used. A doctor can recommend detox if it’s necessary.

If detox is needed, there are different programs from which to choose. There is drug replacement, traditional hospital inpatient, and intravenous (IV) therapy detox. Drug replacement is an outpatient detox approach in which a clinic or doctor’s office provides medication, usually methadone, suboxone or subutex, which is taken at home. This type of program enables people to continue their usual daily routine. However, there are some drawbacks to drug replacement.

Methadone, suboxone and subutex are opiate narcotics and work on the central nervous system the same way morphine, heroin, oxycontin and vicodin do. If methadone, suboxone or subutex are only taken through the withdrawal process, the danger of become dependent are reduced. However the problem is that many people don’t stop taking it. Thus, they end up battling a second drug use problem.

Both traditional hospital detox and IV therapy detox are inpatient programs, but with major differences. For example, in hospital detox, patients are generally placed in isolation, lock down or in psychiatric units. On the other hand, patients in IV therapy detox are usually in private rooms. There is also a difference in medication protocol. The medication used in hospital detox is administered orally and is often not very effective in relieving withdrawal symptoms. In IV therapy, medication is continuously monitored and modified as necessary to reduce discomfort. Most doctors now recommend IV therapy as superior.

After detox, if it is needed, people usually seek help in staying clean. The most commonly used is a 12 step program such as Narcotics Anonymous (NA). However, 12 step programs have a very low success rate of no more than about five percent — that’s only about one of every twenty people. Unfortunately, none of the techniques used in holistic programs has proven to be at all effective.

It is possible to overcome a drug addiction with the right mentality and frame of mind. At the Saint Jude Program we only teach methods that will help you overcome drug use, not leave you in a state of constant “recovery.” Finding the right detox can take some time and we can help you find the safest for you and your current situation. Find hope again with Saint Jude’s.