There are countless stories told by former alcohol users that have a repeating theme: if they had not quit their alcohol use, they would be dead. If you want to know how can getting help for alcohol addiction change your life, you may want to consider the opposite: how your life may end up if you do not get help.

Struggling with alcohol dependency can sometimes be an uphill battle, with no top of the hill in sight! You may have good intentions that you want to quit your alcohol use, but you have not been able to either find the right program or muster the courage to attend a meeting. The fact is that until you make that to an alternative program, your life will not change; mainly due to the fact that alcohol treatment centers do not focus their methods around inspiration or hope but rather disease and loss of control. However once you do become involved in a program to help end your alcohol dependency, you will see a change and so will everyone else.

Depending on your alcohol use, it may be necessary for you to go to a detox program first to have the toxic chemicals that have collected in your system as a result of your alcohol use eliminated. Detox will purge your system and leave it clean and ready to begin the next step of your new life which is a program to help you continue your life without alcohol use.

After detox, it may be necessary for you to enter a program that can help you stay alcohol free. There are several different types of programs available including outpatient and residential programs that will offer support and encouragement for you to continue life without alcohol.

Getting help for alcohol addiction is an important step and your life cannot help but be changed by the decision. Chronic and excessive alcohol use can create severe and debilitating health concerns. For people who do not stop their alcohol use, they are faced with the possibility of liver and kidney damage, hepatitis, heart disease as well as certain changes to the brain. Quitting alcohol use may not reverse the damage already done to your kidneys and liver and it may not reverse heart disease, but you will prevent further damage by stopping.

Many individuals discover that relationships that have been traumatized by alcohol dependency begin to heal and communication between family members and friends that was nonexistent due to their alcohol consumption has been resumed because the individual quit alcohol and got healthier.

Parents that seek help for the alcohol addiction discover that their parenting skills improve and they are able to spend quality time with their children. In the past, perhaps alcohol dominated your nights and weekends and you may have neglected your children as a result. Quitting an alcohol addiction may even change how your children perceive you.

Getting help for alcohol addiction will give you a new lease on life, but it begins with the first step of entering a program. St. Jude Retreats offers help for people wanting to quit their alcohol use through their cognitive behavioral education program. We will teach you the truth about what addiction is, and what is it not, which is a disease. The truth is you can overcome your current behaviors. If you need helping getting started or just advice on finding the right detox program, call us today!