Most 12 step treatment programs consider substance use to be a disease that it is the result of an inherited alcoholic or drug gene. Further, 12 step programs promote the idea that there is no cure for this disease and that the only effective treatment is complete abstinence and 12 step meetings. According to some groups such as AA, abstinence and meetings are required to maintain sobriety. Many individuals want to know if there is a way they can control their substance use on their own. Luckily, there is an alternative program that can help them.

What Can Saint Jude’s Do For Me?

The Saint Jude Program is a non 12-step program that uses cognitive behavioral education to teach guests that they are not diseased or sick. Based on over 20 years of research, The Saint Jude Program guides individuals looking to overcome their substance usage through a process of self change and self assessment. Through the Saint Jude Program, new habits and behaviors that are positive and purposeful are developed. The Saint Jude program does not label, judge, or manipulate people, but instead, builds self confidence and self esteem.

Saint Jude’s proprietary methodology, cognitive behavioral education teaches, that alcohol and drug use are not diseases, but rather choices. Cognitive behavioral education teaches individuals that they have a choice to use or not use alcohol and drugs and they can control their substance use. Every individual, whether a substance user or not, has the ability to reevaluate their past decisions and past choices and can make new or different choices and decisions that are more positive and productive going forward regardless of one’s circumstances. The truth is that there is no evidence to suggest that substance use is a disease and there is no scientific data that proves there is an alcohol or drug gene.

What You Will Discover:

During the six week Saint Jude Program, guests discover that they do not need support group meetings for the rest of their lives. The first two weeks of the Saint Jude Program are dedicated to empowering the guest to explore the choices they have made in the past that may have been counterproductive. The third and fourth weeks are dedicated to helping the individual re-evaluate and re-asses their choice and identify their destructive thought and behavior patterns.

Once the individual identifies what needs to be changed in their thought process, they can move toward building a plan and setting new goals for their future in the fifth and sixth weeks of the program. Should the guest want some additional time past the six week program, Saint Jude’s offers the Personal Review and Enhancement Program or PREP. PREP gives guests a little more time to become more confident and better prepared for returning home and can be personalized to each person’s needs.