More than a third of women in the U.S. and 47 percent of men are reported to binge drink. If your alcohol use involves consuming many rounds of drinks in a single sitting, you are classified as a binge drinker and it does not matter if this is an occasional occurrence or a regular event. Based on these numbers it is clear that binge drinking is a common occurrence in society. Binge drinking can destroy your health and has potentially deadly consequences in a single drinking event.

Many people believe that because alcohol is legal that it is not a dangerous drug. Alcohol acts as  a depressant on the central nervous system. When an individual consumes too much alcohol in a short time span, the result is an increase in blood pressure, a decrease in pulse and circulation, as well as an impairment of coordination, balance, sensation, vision and hearing. Binge drinking can cause a loss of consciousness and in rare cases can cause coma or death.

Binge drinking can cause legal problems. That one time event of binge drinking could result in a driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated violation which could cause you to lose your license, or end up with jail time, or both. If binge drinking becomes a habit, it can destroy your relationships, cause problems at work or school and be financially straining.

The best method of controlling binge drinking the natural way is to set some parameters if you’re drinking. Some psychologists and alcohol rehab counselors suggest that you develop a rule of a two drink limit and no drinking before 7pm. Other suggestions include having a reliable partner that can keep you on track. Slowing down your alcohol intake is one method to naturally control alcohol use.

Changing the things you do is another way to control binge drinking the natural way. Instead of going to the bar as a social activity, you can go to a movie, to the gym, to the beach or to a coffee shop instead. Studies show that the healthier your way of life, the more likely you are to not over indulge. These other social activities are also a natural way to alleviate stress and anxiety which can assist you in making healthier choices with respect to substance use. Understanding why you use alcohol excessively is another way for you to naturally curb your drinking. It may be necessary for you to enroll in a program that can help you understand your thoughts, motivations and behaviors. Cognitive behavioral education is not like a 12 step program where the emphasis is put on alcohol use as a disease, rather, the reality that alcohol use, including use that is considered excessive, is your choice. Learning to analyze yourself and your thoughts and behaviors will help you to identify areas in your life you would like to change so you can develop habits and behaviors that are positive and purposeful. This is the basis of cognitive behavioral education.

St. Jude Retreats is not a 12 step program. We are a non-treatment program that uses cognitive behavioral education to help our guests gain control over their lives and build the lives they want. Our guests learn to make choices, as well as build habits and behaviors that are enhancing and enriching to their life. As they take control of their lives, they naturally increase in self confidence and self esteem and are able to have a life that is not centered on their alcohol use.