Well known researcher, educator, and activist in drug abuse and addiction studies, Dr. Carl Hart, will be a guest of our upcoming  radio show hosted by Michelle Dunbar, Executive Director of Saint Jude Retreats. The show will be available on March 2, 2015 for download and streaming on our podcast and Facebook pages.

Dr. Hart will be discussing aspects of his book, High Price, and its much anticipated sequel, Addiction, during the show as they relate to his research, his life experiences, and current events in the world of substance use.

Dr. Hart and Ms. Dunbar are expected to address topics such as:

  • The reasons behind the disproportionate impact of false rhetoric and policies from the War on Drugs on black communities
  • How continuing the mythology of addiction feeds the agendas and budgets of politicians, law enforcement, and government agencies
  • If decriminalization of all drugs may be one of the best chances for the US to truly address the real issues of drug use and addiction
  • What are “attractive alternatives” and how can they be implemented to help people leave excessive substance use behind?
  • Who benefits when our nation’s school drug education programs are flawed by faulty data and misinformation?
  • The future of addiction studies research-bleak or promising?

Dr. Hart is a riveting speaker, neuroscientist, and author whose work has centered on uncovering the truth of the mythology of addiction and making this information public and he continues to do so worldwide. We hope you will join us for this Saint Jude Retreats Blogtalk Radio interview with Dr. Hart. Dr. Hart’s interview promises to provide thought provoking, challenging ideas and useful insights into the state of past, present, and future of addiction studies and how drug mythology is injected and reflected in our social narrative.