Some celebrities have a difficult time dealing with their fame and turn to alcohol and drugs for solace. It’s important to discuss the effect of rehab on celebrities. Or perhaps there is an injury suffered in the process of making a movie and as a result, the individual becomes hooked on prescription pain killers.

Every day you hear on the news about a celebrity entering rehab. Lee Ann Rimes, Gerard Butler, Matthew Perry and Demi Lovato are just a very small few of the celebrities who have entered rehab in just the last few years. Outside of the ones to do seek assistance are many more that do not get the help they need.

Part of the reason that a lot of celebrities do not enter rehab is because of the lack of privacy and the stress of having to deal with their personal information being plastered all over the internet or on a news program.

Celebrities and people in general what to know that their privacy is protected and that their decision to enter a program to get assistance for their alcohol and/or drug use is going to be kept confidential. Celebrities do not want to have to share a room with someone else while they are in a program. You don’t see a lot of celebrities attending AA or NA meetings with everyone else and you don’t see a lot of celebrities walking into methadone clinic to receive treatment either.

Some rehabs announce when celebrities are planning to check in or stay in their facility or they will sell the celebrity’s story once they have completed their stay. This seems to be a bit unethical and a violation of the patient’s confidentiality. Also, rehab facilities that accept insurance are required to maintain records, which are often used publicly in high profile divorce or custody battles.

St. Jude Retreats values their guests’ privacy and confidentiality. St. Jude Retreats offers three different settings: St. Jude Mountain Retreats, St. Jude Twin Rivers Retreats and St. Jude Executive Retreats; and all three ensure privacy and are paparazzi free. Guests will be able to get well while relaxing in a peaceful environment and receiving the care that they need to overcome their alcohol and drug use.

Saint Jude Retreats uses an educational cognitive behavioral program that teaches guests to use self change and self assessment to reevaluate their choices and decisions and to make more productive decisions. Our guests learn to create habits and to develop behaviors that are positive and purposeful to their life and they realize that they do not need lifelong counseling and meetings or replacement drugs to live their life.

Our guests discover an increase in their self confidence and self esteem and are empowered to have a life that is permanently free from alcohol and drug use and because St. Jude Retreats does not work with insurance companies or accept insurance, nor do we participate in any government funding; we do not keep medical records that can be subpoenaed and used against our guests. In that respect we are able to truly protect our guests’ privacy and confidentiality.