Families are an important part of the lives of the people who come to Saint Jude Retreats. We understand that as family members, you want to know what is going on and if your loved one is safe. Saint Jude Retreats has a special member of our staff to act as a family liaison. This individual is an experienced program director and instructor at our facility who can be an over-the-phone consultant to family members.

If you are considering Saint Jude Retreats for a family member, you may not know how to approach them about it. Unlike drug rehabilitation centers, we do not believe in using interventions to ambush people and bring them here. Our family liaison instead can give you some ideas on how to talk to your loved one about voluntarily seeking help for their substance use. A private meeting with the family or with the substance user over the telephone is another option. If you are looking for someone to serve as a travel companion for your family member, our family liaison can make sure that they safely arrive at our retreat house.

When your family member attends Saint Jude Retreats, you may wonder what to expect upon their return. Since we are not an alcohol rehab facility or 12-step program, we do not send them to weekly meetings for additional therapy. Do not be surprised by this when they return home. Our Saint Jude Program family liaison will be happy to explain our reasoning and the research that supports it. The liaison can also give you, as a family member, advice on how to best support your loved one when they come back home and over the long term.

For more information about our Saint Jude Retreats family liaison, contact our office.