As everyone knows, teenagers are a unique group of people. They are no longer children, but are  not quite adults. They sometimes get themselves into trouble and need help sorting things out. Oftentimes, drug and alcohol use at this age can become a serious problem. Many drug and alcohol programs do not cater to teens, and some do not accept them into their programs at all. We do.

There are some drug and alcohol treatment centers that do admit teens, but they follow the philosophy that these problems are caused by addiction or illness. As a result, these teens will be doomed to go to 12-step meetings and be plagued with this problem for the rest of their lives.

At Saint Jude Retreats, we don’t agree with that idea. We welcome teens into our program. About one-fifth of our program participants are teenagers, and we treat them as individuals, just as we do anyone who comes into our program. Unlike a drug or alcohol rehab facility, our programs give them hope that they can be a normal person, and they can be free from their problems with drugs and alcohol. They can grow up to have a life without attending meetings every day, and they do not have an illness.

Some of our young guests are away from home for the first time. This can be intimidating for both the teenagers and their families. We do allow parents full access so that they know their son or daughter is safe here. We also offer a family liaison to help families learn about the program and what they can do to help their loved one when they return home from Saint Jude Retreats.

For more information about help for teens, contact our office today.