Guilt in alcohol rehab recovery is a common occurrence. Guilt can drop in on any area of our life and make us feel, well guilty, but for the individual going through alcohol rehab recovery, guilt can make the individual feel defeated. Guilt can help the individual reevaluate their actions, choices and behavior and hopefully prevents similar behavior.

Regret, accountability and responsibility, remorse and shame are all feelings that are promoted by guilt. At times these feelings may be overwhelming. What’s more is that other people may increase the guilt experienced when they manipulate the individual into believing that if they don’t behave in a certain way it will negatively impact the relationship.

Some individuals experience guilt in an alcohol rehab recovery program that undermines their process. For example their guilt may convince them that they are not worthy of happiness or to have a second chance at a life that is free from alcohol use. Guilt can make you feel as if you are singly responsible for everyone else’s happiness as well as how their lives turn out.

While you are in an alcohol rehab recovery program you will learn to recognize guilt and learn to address it appropriately.  All guilt is not necessarily bad. Guilt contributes to our maturity and growth and it also works to help correct behavior. Guilt can help identify self destructive behavior as it related to your alcohol use.

 Sometimes guilt makes it possible to move ahead by making you aware of changes that you need to make in your behavior and life. This type of guilt is considered to be healthy guilt and differs from guilt that damages self esteem and confidence and exists for the sole purpose of making you feel bad.  Healthy guilt may reveal itself many times throughout life, until you learn from it and change the behavior.

Guilt in alcohol rehab recovery that prompts you to address previous acts committed or behavior exhibited exists for you to improve or revise in an appropriate fashion and then move on. This type of guilt is not to wear you down, but to help you deal with situations, hurt feelings, etc. Situational guilt does not linger if you take care of the issue right away. However, if you do not address the problem, the guilt will continue. As you experience guilt in alcohol rehab recovery, if the opportunity presents itself for you to accept responsibility acknowledge it, you will be able to move forward without the guilt.

Guilt gets your attention and prompts you to learn a lesson and change a behavior. It is not uncommon for individuals struggling with excessive alcohol use to feel ashamed and guilty for their behavior. Many people that experience guilt in alcohol rehab recovery have hurt their family and friends; have lied to them and they may have done some things that were illegal and immoral. However, while you may feel as if you are worthless and do not deserve to overcome your alcohol use; the truth is that you do deserve a chance at a different, better and healthier life.