Cocaine addiction affects the lives of 3.6 million people in the U.S. according to the National Drug Control Policy, who also estimates that everyday 5,000 in the U.S. are introduced to cocaine. Excessive cocaine use has been the reason for marriages to end in divorce, lost jobs and school dropouts, financial ruin, serious health problems and death.

Living with a spouse with a cocaine addiction means that you may endure lying, infidelity and other irrational behaviors. It may seem as if a cocaine “addiction” controls the individual. Being married to someone with a cocaine problem may seem like things are never going to change and what is worse is that the sad reality is that you cannot change your spouse. You cannot force them to seek help until they are ready to be helped. Confrontational interventions are not effective and may result in pushing your loved one further away and deeper into drug use.

Since there is no physical dependency or physical withdrawal involved in cocaine addiction, there is no need for detox, but that does not mean that there is not a need for a program to help your spouse with cocaine addiction.

Although traditional drug rehabs are the most popular form of help, they promote ideas such as drug use is a disease that that there is no cure. 12 step rehab programs assert the theory that your spouse’s cocaine addiction was passed down through their family. Most rehabs also believe that the only treatment available is abstinence and that recovery meetings are necessary for the rest of the person’s life.

The truth is your spouse does not need any of this to regain their life and be drug free. Your spouse maybe feeling hopeless or powerless over cocaine, especially if they have been through programs before, that reiterate the disease theory. In the Saint Jude Program we don’t teach that addiction is a disease, but rather motivate people to change their lives by finding new goals, habits and desires that make them happy. Right now your spouse is also using cocaine as a quick fix, rather than trying to find solutions that will change their life. Their mentality is why wait to reap the benefits of hard work and change when cocaine will make it all better? At St Jude’s we will help your spouse map out a long-term plan that will make them happy and productive again without further cocaine use.

If this sounds like something your spouse may benefit from, contact our friendly family consultants today to get them the help they need.