For more than 20 years, Saint Jude Retreats has been helping people who have problems with drugs and alcohol to make lifestyle changes. Part of what makes our program successful is our environment, paired with our philosophy. We are unlike other programs. Many people who have come to Saint Jude Retreats have found that alcohol rehab and drug treatment programs do not work. Some people have tried and left 12-step programs and methods when seeking help. There are many differences between Saint Jude Retreats and 12-step programs.  These are just a few of them.

We do not offer a 12-step program, nor do we tell people they have a disease or send them to daily meetings for the rest of their lives. Saint Jude Retreats was the first non-12-step model for those who struggle with the use of drugs and alcohol. Our program participants do not work through a set of steps etched in stone that everyone must follow. Because each person’s issues are different, we teach program participants to resolve their individual problematic lifestyle with the tools we give them.

Saint Jude Retreats does not tell people that they are powerless over drugs and alcohol, but that they have the power to choose not to use them. Since there is no disease to treat and no illness to overcome, participants in our social education program are free of working 12 steps and from attending a lifetime of meetings.

Something else they are free of is the ambush of an intervention. This method of attacking those with substance use problems to force them to enroll in drug and alcohol treatment centers or enter 12-step programs is ineffective and can be counter-productive. While the individual’s family may simply want to be involved in helping their loved one stop drinking or using drugs, we have found other ways for friends and family to show their support — without trickery. Our family consultants work with the family members of those enrolled in our program. We give them plenty of information to learn about Saint Jude Retreats so that they can better understand what to expect and what not to expect when their loved one leaves the program and comes home.

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