How The Government Wastes 1.4 Billion Dollars Per Year on Addiction Treatment Research

The thing about being a taxpayer is that it essentially makes you an involuntary investor in the country. Our investment dollars are our taxes… our brokers are our legislators… but the fact remains we invest in the country every day. Some of that money goes to our national health in the form of dollars spent on studying diseases. These are, of course, worthwhile investments, and the effects of the research shows that… but what about our research done to cure the “disease” of addiction. How is that going? And what do the results teach us?

Drug Addiction Investmentsd

How Addiction Treatment Research Wastes 1.6 Billion Dollars a Year

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  • Silver Damsen

    Not only is AA and other related 12 Step ineffective, more and more people, such as myself, are coming forward and becoming Anti-AA. We do this because of the psychological abuse we suffered, especially from our AA Sponsors (something like a mentor but more controlling and a crucial part of “working” the 12 Steps.) I look forward to seeing new religious as well as more applications of the secular treatments now available.

  • massive

    Great article.

  • patty

    Why is the treatment so expensive? Only wealthy can afford treatment

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  • massive

    YES ! YES ! YES. Its time has come for AA to step back into the last century with Fred Flinstone and the Elks club society.