If you are one of the millions of individuals struggling with excessive drug use it is possible that a drug addiction is ruining your life. Reaching the point where you are ready to face the harsh reality and truth that you may need help for your drug addiction could be the defining point in your life.

Drug use can destroy your relationships, wreck your finances, end your career, be the reason you drop out of school and can create major health complications. For individuals who are deep into drug use it may be difficult for them to recognize and admit the fact that they have a substance use problem and may spend time blaming others for their drug use and deny that there is even an issue.

There is an old saying that when you hit rock bottom, the only way left is up, but for many drug users, rock bottom may be pretty low and it is a hard swallow when they realize what they have done to themselves. One of the first things to do, when you have reached that point, is to take a good long look at how you got there.

You cannot blame others for your drug use. They did not make you use drugs and they did not make you destroy your life, your job, your relationships and your health. If you stop and think about it, the people who love you, such as your family and friends, probably tried to talk you out of using drugs and tried to encourage you to get help. On the other hand, the friends with whom you may use drugs with, no doubt encouraged you to forget about the rest and just enjoy yourself; but even they are not to blame for your own use.

As bad as your life may seem right now, this moment is the perfect time to make some changes and to get the help that you need to turn things around. You have plenty of reasons to leave your old habits and behaviors behind and to overcome your current situation such as reclaiming your life and getting your health under control. Your drug use may have been the source of organ damage or chronic health conditions, but you can get better and can improve the quality of your life. It’s important to always keep a positive outlook and hope.

Once drugs are no longer a part of your life, you can get started working on the relationships that have been damaged by your substance use. Perhaps your relationship with your spouse or significant other is in need of great repair, or maybe your parents, brothers and sisters cut you off because of the lies and deceit that your drug addiction created. Or maybe your children were taken away as a result of your use. These are all situations that can be overcome with hard work and dedication. It will not be easy, but if you are determined to have a better life and overcome your drug use, keep in mind you can do it!