There are more than 20 million people in the United States that struggle with drug and alcohol use. If you have decided to get help for you alcohol use you have probably asked the question is an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab center necessary?  It really depends on the type of drug use, the duration length of drug and alcohol use and the amount of substance used. Another thought to consider is what you are looking for in an inpatient program.

Depending on the substance used, detoxification may be the first step in the process of making this lifestyle change. Not everyone will need medical detox, but if you do, the process will ensure you are medically stable and comfortable while going though the detoxification process. IV therapy medical detox is the safest and most effective method available. IV therapy is administered under the care of physician and nurses and your health is monitored 24/7.  IV therapy is important because it allows the physician to change the medication as withdrawal symptoms change and it keeps the patient comfortable.

Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers offer a place for a substance user to stay as a short term resident to detoxify and/or to receive rehabilitation treatment to stop using alcohol and drugs. An after detox resident education program is recommended over inpatient treatment for long term success from substance use.  

Traditional drug and alcohol rehab treatment centers support the idea that drug and alcohol use and addiction is a disease and that there is no cure, only lifelong treatment, therapy and support group  meetings. Traditional drug and alcohol rehab treatment supports belief in an addiction gene that predetermines people to become problem substance users. Most of the traditional treatments advocate belief in a higher power and that success is only achieved through complete and total abstinence.

There is an alternative to traditional inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers. St. Jude Retreats uses an educational cognitive behavioral program, rather than therapy, that teaches that all drug and alcohol use is a choice and not a disease. Using drugs and alcohol is a learned behavior.  Cognitive behavioral education is the process by which the Saint Jude Program is delivered. The Saint Jude Program teaches that all people have the innate power and ability to change their habits. By making different choices that are productive and life enhancing and developing habits and behaviors that support and reinforce those choices; the brain can repair itself and a new lifestyle is built.. St. Jude Retreats’ cognitive behavioral education program is structured to build self confidence and lead to a more enriching life. Our guests are empowered to take control of their life and put their alcohol and drug problems behind them forever.