When you are pregnant everything in your bloodstream goes directly to your fetus. Consuming alcohol and drugs during your pregnancy can be dangerous to your health and that of your unborn baby both before and after it’s born. It’s best to educate yourself about pregnancy, alcohol and drug addiction.

Using drugs and alcohol increases the risks of miscarriage; of having a stillbirth; of impairing your baby’s birth weight; of retarding the development of its body; of impairing its emotional development; and of lowering its learning ability for the rest of its life. 

It’s best not to use drugs or alcohol while you are pregnant.  However, many pregnancies are unplanned and unexpected. Therefore, it’s important to stop using drugs and alcohol when you plan to become pregnant or as soon as you find out that you are pregnant. It’s better to be safe than sorry. By also eating nutritious meals, getting adequate sleep, not smoking tobacco, and going to your doctor regularly, you increase the chances that you will have a happy, healthy baby with a bright future.

Using cocaine, heroin, marijuana or methamphetamine while you are pregnant can lead you to have pulmonary edema, seizures, respiratory problems, or a miscarriage. The baby may suffer deformities, learning disabilities, or sudden infant death syndrome. Understanding withdrawal symptoms, side effects of substance use, different treatment methods, and risks are also important in what to know about pregnancy and alcohol and drug addiction.

Depending on the specific substances you used, the frequency of use, the quantity of use, and the time period of use, you may need to detox. Detox will remove the toxic chemicals from your system. The person most qualified to tell you if you need detox and the safest method for you and your baby is your OB-GYN or other qualified health care provider. Typically detox practices on pregnant women are performed during the second trimester when risk factors are seemingly lower than first trimester. It is always best to speak with your doctor before entering detox while pregnant.

If you are pregnant and need help overcoming drug or alcohol use Saint Jude Retreats may be able to help. Our Cognitive Behavioral Education program can help you learn how to enjoy a fulfilling life free of unwanted drug or alcohol problems. It is always best to speak you’re your OBGYN but attending Saint Jude’s could be the greatest gift you could ever give to your child.