Saint Jude’s Corner to Provide Information to Family Members

Saint Jude Retreats is pleased to announce that we will soon launch a website information portal for family members of those participating in our drug and alcohol social education program. Rather than sending the family a booklet of information in the mail as we do now, this information and more will soon be available online through an invitation-only secure website.

Most people now prefer to receive information electronically, and creating a website portal online makes this possible. Not only is this a much faster and more efficient way of communicating, it will help to reduce the costs of printing and mailing and it is environmentally-friendly. Saint Jude’s Corner will be accessible by family members for 60 days, giving loved ones a chance to learn more about what we do and how to contact the center. It will explain our philosophy, how we help people with drug and alcohol problems, and why we are not an alcohol addiction treatment facility or a drug rehab program. For those who are not online or are more comfortable with printed materials, they will still be available at a reduced rate.

Our new web portal will also contain informative video clips, tips on how to help family members when they return and offer straightforward educational and extracurricular information.

We plan to launch Saint Jude’s Corner in mid-December, and will provide the necessary information to the families of participants in the program at that time.

  • peggy adair

    I am currently a guest at st Judes Moutain Retreat
    I have been unable to have the web site and a password sent to me . More importantly , the site and password has not been received by 2 family members and a close friend. It is t this program VERY IMPORTANT to me that they are able to learn MORE about before I go home in two weeks .
    Despite my explanation to them they still do not have a clear knowledge of this program.
    I am a retired nurse and this has been the ONLY program that has made ANY sense to me.
    I found this on line , had the home program but needed to be here for ALL the instructions given.
    I HAVE PURCHASED A COMPLETE SET OF THE PROGRAM for my doctor at home ( requested by his nurse ).
    Any help that you may give me will be GREATLY appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Peggy Adair

    • Peggy,

      I hope you received my private message with a username and password for your family. If they still have difficulties accessing the Saint Jude Retreats Corner, please have them call us directly at 1.888.424.2626 and I will be glad to guide them through it.