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There is an Anonymous Meeting for That

Jul 17 By : Mark W. Scheeren , in 12 Step Program

What’s great about our habits is that if you want to feel powerless over them, there’s an anonymous meeting that will tell you are. If you think you drink too much, there’s an anonymous meeting for that. If you think you eat more than you should, there’s an anonymous meeting for that. And if you think you use lip balm more than the average person…there’s even an anonymous meeting for that. Yep, there’s an anonymous meeting for just about anything – and that is no Joke.

There is a 12 Step Program For Just About Everything

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Mark W. Scheeren
Mark W. Scheeren
After completing a court mandated drug and alcohol treatment program in 1988, Mark Scheeren realized the “treatment” he received left him more depressed and anxious. A chance meeting with Jerry Brown started a collaborative relationship spanning over a quarter century and leading to the development of the Saint Jude Retreats Program with Mark serving as its first graduate and now Chairman. Together Jerry, Mark and their research team continuously test and refine the methods and philosophy known as the Saint Jude Retreats Program.

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