If you are familiar with our programs and our facility, you may have noticed that Saint Jude Retreats has recently undergone a name change. Since we opened our doors at the Saint Jude Twin Rivers Retreat in 1992, we have been called Saint Jude Retreats. Our programs offered here at our facilities were always called the Saint Jude Thaddeus program. This year we decided it was time for a name change. We have renamed our Saint Jude Thaddeus program to simply the Saint Jude program. We are still a social education program with staff and team members here to help you overcome problems with alcohol and drugs.

Nothing has changed about the program itself, except that the name is shorter. We are still not a 12-step program. We are still not a drug rehabilitation center. We are still not an alcoholism treatment facility. For those unfamiliar with our Saint Jude Retreats family, it is a simpler way to find us, to meet us, to connect with us. It’s all in a name.

Our facility has a long history with the name of Saint Jude. You may be familiar with Saint Jude Thaddeus, known among Christians and Catholics as one of the 12 Apostles and the Patron Saint of lost causes, of hopeless causes and of the difficult and the desperate. He is sometimes referred to as both names to distinguish him from other biblical and historical figures with similar names.

For those who have often wondered about the origins of our facility name, it was chosen by the program founders who built the program and the facility from the ground up. The founders relied on their Catholic faith and belief in Saint Jude Thaddeus in the early days of establishing the facility and the program, and chose to honor Saint Jude with its name.