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Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Facilities Tailored To Your Needs

At Saint Jude's all ages are accepted at our alternative to inpatient alcohol rehab facilities.

Alcohol Help At Alterantive To Inpatient Alcohol Rehab FacilitiesLife can present people with challenging and stressful situations. There are many different coping methods people use to deal with these difficult times, some more productive than others. Some people use alcohol or other substances to escape these negative emotions. This can quickly turn into a problem if a person is using the alcohol or any other substance abusively.

When a person feels like their use of alcohol or other substance is a problem, or is negatively affecting their life, they may think about going to an inpatient alcohol rehab. This is a big decision for a person to make. Family members and other loved ones can be helpful during this time in a person's life. There are several different options when it comes to an alcohol rehab facility. A person should research the different choices to find the facility that best fits what they are looking for.

There are mainly two types of programs a person can choose from. The first option is an inpatient alcohol rehab facility that uses the 12 step approach. In this type of program, a person is taught that they are diseased, and will have to continue with meetings and treatment for the rest of their life. A second option is an inpatient alcohol rehab facility that uses the freedom model. The Saint Jude Program uses this approach. The freedom model teaches a person that using alcohol or any other substance, in any amount, is a choice. The ways in which people behave and cope with situations are also choices. Therefore, making the decision to stop using alcohol or any other substance is also a choice.

Before making the decision of which residential alcohol rehab program to go to, an individual should be armed with as much information about the program as possible. After researching different programs, a person can choose the facility that will best meet his or her needs.


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