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Saint Jude Home Program

The only Home Evidence Based Solution to Addictions Available Today.


Non 12 Step at Home ProgramHave you ever thought to yourself, "I think I need some help. I'm drinking (drugging) way too much. But, I'm certainly not going to rehab or to some ridiculous self help or 12-step meeting."; You are not alone. The Saint Jude Home Program was designed for people just like you. This is a program that teaches you how to overcome substance use issues and create a total life transformation, in the privacy of your home.


The Saint Jude Home Program was researched and designed by the same team that created the non-12 step, non-disease Saint Jude Program offered at the famous St. Jude Retreats. The St. Jude series of residential and home based programs have been the force for change in the entire drug and alcohol treatment industry over the past twenty two years. As the leading authority in substance use education, the Saint Jude Home Program is the only home based solution that has a twenty year history of success.

St Jude Retreat Review by Dr. Joy BrowneDr. Joy BrowneNationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host and Clinical Psychologist"At last, a program for addiction that acknowledges choice and responsibility and can really work. I liked it so much, I agreed to voice the Audio Book for the Saint Jude Home Program"


Are you ready to change your life without 12 step meetings, therapy, or having to attend drug or alcohol rehab or treatment? If so click here to order a copy of the SJ Home Program.

The St Jude Program is structured into 3 different phases over a period of 6 weeks:

  • Non 12 Step
  • Non Diseased Based
  • No need for attending self-help meetings
  • Learn how to change your life, in the privacy of your own home.
  • Based on more than 2 decades of research.
  • Created by the same team that developed and operates the world renowned St. Jude Retreats, the only residential drug and alcohol education facilities in the U.S. with independently verified and published success rates.


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