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America's Non 12 Step Program

At the Saint Jude Retreats, we offer you or your loved one what no 12 Step Rehab can:

  • A Non-12 Step Cognitive Behavioral Approach that Empowers You to Achieve Permanent Results for your substance use problems.
  • Independently Verified Success Rate 12x higher than any 12 Step Rehab program in the nation.
  • 24 years of Continuous Research attests to the effectiveness of our approach vs. treatment programs.

Our Program Inspires and Motivates Permanent Positive Change

Unlike 12 Step Rehab programs, Saint Jude's will Not Label You with the "disease of addiction". You can Experience a Self Change process in an Inspirational and Motivational environment.

The Key Differences In The Saint Jude Program:

  • Choice and Freedom Based Model - Not Disease Based
  • No Harming Labels like "Addict" or "Alcoholic".
  • Personalized Program with No Group Meetings.

The Saint Jude Program Independently Verified Success Rate

Our Success Rate is something you won't find at any 12 Step Rehab program today. Our Success Rate is Independently Verified By a Third Party Research Organization.

  • Independently Measured and Verified.
  • Abstinence from All Substances Measured.
  • Family Member Corroborated.
12 Step Rehab

Privacy and Confidentiality

Privacy and confidentiality are terms often used interchangeably but, at Saint Jude's Executive Retreat, they refer to very distinct concepts.

  • PRIVACY: Is the ability to explore and problem solve your substance use and life challenges without the scrutiny of others. At our Executive Retreat, your classes are always one on one. You never have to sit through group therapy or meetings. Your time with your program presenter is exclusive and focused on your questions, your needs, and your individual progress.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY: Is your right to have your life remain private without the intrusion of outside entities. We produce progress reports only if you direct us to do so. By keeping records to an absolute minimum, we ensure lessened information disclosure in the unlikely event of records being obtained by outside parties.

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Your confidentiality is guaranteed.

A professional and courteous consultant will contact you. We respect your privacy and will NEVER share your information.

What to Expect When You Call Us

  • Your Own Dedicated Family Consultant so You Only Have to Share Your Story Once.
  • We are Ready to Listen and Help Without Judging You.
  • We Will Always Treat You with Dignity and Respect and Never Use Damaging Labels.
  • Personalized Attention to All Your Concerns and Questions.
  • Total Trust and Confidence, Knowing Your Call and Your Stay will be Completely Confidential.

How To Get Started

  • First call us at 1.888.424.2626
  • Discuss your situation and determine if this is the program for you.
  • Schedule your entrance date.
  • We can help you make flight arrangements if needed - to and from Albany International.
  • We will be there to greet you at the retreat if you drive in...on...
  • Pick you up at the airport.
  • We look forward to helping you rebuild your life?
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From Your Fellow Outdoorsmen

12 Step Rehab Professional Review
Hal Blood
Master Guide and
President of Big Woods Bucks

"As a lifelong hunter and Guide, being in the woods is my life. I can't imagine a life without it so it troubles me to see sportsmen who struggle with addictions that keep them from their passions. When I met Mark ten years ago I discovered that there was an answer for these people to get their lives in order and back into the woods. That's why I'm happy to endorse the Saint Jude Home Program and Saint Judes Retreats."

12 Step Rehab Professional Review
Chris Dalti
Big Woods Bucks

"Back in the early days at Big Woods Bucks if you asked me if I thought we could provide fellow hunters who are in "quiet desperation" a helping hand, I probably would have looked at you cross-eyed. Today I can proudly say yes I know and recommend an organization that can provide fellow hunters the help they need to push their "quiet desperation" behind them forever. I look at this opportunity to use Big Woods Bucks integrity to give back and leave a legacy." Read More

We have Helped Thousands to Find Permanent Change... We Can Help You Too

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    "I knew I had to do something before my marriage and my career were over due to my drinking. After trying a rehab, I knew that wouldn't work for me. My wife found Saint Jude's and we decided to try once more. My marriage is better, my career is on track and I'm happier than ever before."Richard

  •  12 Step Rehab Reviews

    "For a person like me, who had accomplished everything in life, I struggled with addiction late in my career. Your program offered me a new perspective. Now I appreciate life as it was meant to be, a pleasant experience."Henry

  • Saint Jude Retreats Reviews

    "I needed a program before my family gave up on me. Thankfully they found Saint Jude's. To me, the personal attention I received helped me understand my priorities. I am now the mother I always wanted to be"Mary Ann.

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A professional and courteous consultant will contact you. We respect your privacy and will NEVER share your information.