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Detox Drug Abuse

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Deciding On a Detox

Making the decision to detox from drug abuse is a difficult one and can often lead to feelings of anxiety as you search for the right detox facility to help you. Not everyone who uses drugs will need drug detox. Depending on the type of drugs used, the amount and length of time you have been using them, it may be necessary for you to seek assistance. If you are not sure whether or not you need medical detox, you should consult with your doctor.

Detox for drug abuse will eliminate the chemical toxins that have collected in your system from drug use and help your body to adjust. If you have also used alcohol, the detox will get rid of the toxic chemicals from alcohol use as well. Finding a drug detox program that can safely treat the withdrawal symptoms that occur during detox is important.

Outpatient detox clinics allow the individual to detox at home and maintain their daily lives, however the medication used in the detox process is not regulated and there have been cases where individuals began taking the medication, which is usually methadone or suboxone, and they never stop taking it. Or many people return to their original drug of choice prior to completing the detox process.

Traditional detox centers are known for treating their patients disrespectfully, placing them in overcrowded rooms with multiple beds, or in psychiatric units in hospitals or institutions. This treatment does nothing to relieve the anxiety and nervousness the patient already feels. Traditional drug detox centers are seen as being inadequately staffed, usually without doctors and nurses who specialized in substance use, or critical care and do not provide constant medical supervision.

Further, the oral medications used in traditional detox centers have been seen as unreliable in some cases. There is no personal care given to the patients, and they are treated more like numbers than as people who need help. It is no wonder that traditional detox centers have had low completion rates in their facilities or that their patients walk out before the detox from drug abuse is complete.

Alternatives to Detox

An alternative to traditional hospital detox is a private center that features IV therapy medical detox. IV therapy medical detox has been seen by many physicians as a proven and effective method for detox. The reason for this is that the medication is administered intravenously which allows it to be increased or decreased as the withdrawal symptoms change. As a result, the patient is kept comfortable and is able to successfully complete the detox process. Research indicates that individuals who are successful in detox are more likely to be successful in sobriety than individuals who cannot complete the detox process.

After you have successfully completed detox, it may be necessary to rebuild your life after drug use. The truth is that you are not diseased and you can change your life to be permanently free from drug use problems. St. Jude Retreats offers a cognitive behavioral education program that helps guests through a process of self evaluation and self-directed change, to discover their reasons for using drugs and to change their habits and behaviors to more productive and positive habits and behaviors. The result is a more purposeful life that is sober and drug free.

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