Is It Okay For Me To Detox From Drugs While Pregnant?

Detoxing From Drugs While Pregnant

Drug Detox and Pregnancy

Making the decision to get help with excessive drug use is a difficult choice to make, especially if you are pregnant. Your primary concern is to not harm your baby and to get clean so that you can be a mom to your newborn. So, you are probably wondering is it okay for me to detox from drugs while pregnant? The best answer is for you to talk to your obgyn or your doctor. Your doctor can possibly recommend a detox facility that is experienced in detox and pregnancy or they may recommend a detox method that is best for you and the baby.

Drug Detox Defined

Drug detoxification is the process of removing the chemical toxins that have collected in your body from your drug use and if you have also been using alcohol it will remove those toxins as well. Depending on how frequent your drug use has been, the amount of drugs you have been using, how long you have been using and the type of drugs you have been using; your withdrawal symptoms may be minimal or severe. Another thing to know is that not all drug use requires drug detox. For example cocaine and methamphetamine use does not require detox. The best person to advise you though is your doctor and it is important that you are honest with them about your use so that they can get you and your baby the best care possible.

Drug Detox Options

There are several possibilities for drug detox and one of them may be right to detox from drugs during pregnancy. Detox methods range from nonmedical to medical, outpatient and inpatient. Outpatient nonmedical detox allows the individual to detox using acupuncture, yoga, vitamin therapy and meditation therapy. This is a holistic approach that renews mind, body and spirit. Although it works for some, it is not for everyone.

Medical detox is available in a self reporting outpatient method where the individual reports to a clinic or to a doctor's office and as an inpatient. In the outpatient method, the individual would receive medication, most likely methadone from a methadone clinic, or suboxone or subutex from a doctor. These medications allow you to detox at home, however the medications are all opiate narcotics. An opiate drug blocks the opioid receptors that block pain and give a feeling of contentment. Morphine, vicodin and oxycontin are part of this family of drugs. Studies have shown that some people start taking methadone or suboxone and never stop taking it. This is a method that you would definitely want to discuss with your obgyn before deciding to go with it.

Inpatient hospital medical detox is a very common method of detox; however it is seen by many as not very effective due to the type of medication they use and some of their practices. Hospital detox usually places their detox patients in psychiatric units or on lockdown. This isolates the patient with some patients reporting felling alone. The oral medication that is used is viewed as not being very effective at eliminating all the withdrawal symptoms and patients felt uncomfortable.

An Alternative

IV therapy medical detox is seen by many doctors as the safest and most effective method for detox. IV therapy medical detox is carried out under doctor supervision and the intravenous method allows the doctor to make changes to the medication protocol, for an immediate effect. Patients are able to detox in a private room and their care is monitored around the clock.

It is important that you discuss your options to detox from drugs during pregnancy over with your doctor. Your doctor is best equipped to advise you on your care and your baby's care.

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