Do I Need Drug Detox?

Finding An Effective Drug Detox

Will Detox Help Me Overcome Drugs?

The decision to seek help for your drug use is an important step toward a better, healthier life without drug use. Now you are probably asking, "Do I need drug detox?" The answer will depend on the type of drugs you have been using, how long you have been using them, and the amount of drugs that you have been using. Some drugs do not require detox, such as Methamphetamine and Cocaine, so a different program other than detox will be helpful for you. However, for heroin, morphine and some prescription drugs, you may need to seek a medical detox.

Drug detoxification is the process of your body ridding itself of toxic chemicals that have accumulated from your drug use. Some drug users also use alcohol, so the detox process will also remove the alcohol toxins as well. As you experience detox, withdrawal symptoms can be painful and scary. Choosing a medical drug detox program that can help keep you comfortable that is also safe and effective may be crucial to your long term success.

Variations Of Drug Detox

All drug detox programs are not the same. Traditional drug detox programs use treatments that have been seen as unreliable and often treat their patients poorly. Most traditional drug detox programs provide little or no medical monitoring or supervision and their staff have minimal or the wrong type of credentials to safely assist drug detox. These facilities often house their patient in the psychiatric wards of hospitals or institutions and restrict patient communication with family and friends. Drug detox can create a certain amount of anxiety for the patient and these conditions can increase patient anxiety tremendously.

IV therapy medical detox is an alternative to traditional hospital medical detox. Intravenous therapy allows medical staff to adjust the medication as withdrawal symptoms change which keeps the patient comfortable and allows them to successfully complete the detox process. Studies reveal that patients who are successful in detox are more likely to be successful once they leave detox than individuals who do not complete detox.

If your are struggling with a drug where medical detox is not necessary, or when your drug detox is complete, it may be recommended for you to enroll in a program that can help you rebuild your life. Freedom Model Retreats is non-treatment, non-12 step and offers programs designed to help people to rebuild their lives. At the Freedom Model Retreats you are our guest, not a patient, and you are shown the utmost respect and dignity at all times. The Freedom Model program empowers guests to take control of their lives. Guests are guided through an intensive process of self-evaluation and self-directed change. They learn the importance of making choices and decisions that are productive and enhancing, and they develop behaviors and habits that are positive and enriching to their lives. Our guests go on to have productive and positive lifelong success without substance use permanently.

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