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Drug Detox Connecticut

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CT Drug Detox Options

Drug Detox ConnecticutMaking the decision to seek drug detoxification for your drug use is a step toward rebuilding your life without drugs. Drug detox is a cleansing process. It gets rid of the toxic chemicals that have built up in your system from drug use. Some people who use drugs also use alcohol so it may be necessary for you to have the alcohol toxins removed as well. Depending on what drugs you have been using, detoxification may be painful and take from a few days to a few weeks for maybe longer. When you are considering a facility for drug detox in Connecticut, consider a service that will not only be safe and effective but will also keep you comfortable.

High Drug Use In Connecticut

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, Connecticut has one of the highest percentages for drug use in the United States. There are 51 drug detox facilities and more than 150 rehab centers in Connecticut ranging from inpatient 30 day centers to long term and outpatient drug detox. Both inpatient and outpatient centers offer medical and nonmedical treatment. Medical detox treatment includes detox through medication. Outpatient medical detox used methadone and suboxone replacement therapies. Non medical detoxification includes vitamin therapy, meditation therapy, group meetings and acupuncture.

Drug withdrawal symptoms can be very uncomfortable, painful and even fatal if not properly addressed medically. Withdrawal symptoms may include headache, sweating and chills, nausea and vomiting, insomnia, muscle cramps, anxiety, irritability and seizures. In some cases, withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous and even fatal if not treated properly.

Medical Detox Methods

Methadone clinics are one method of medical detox. These clinics use an opiate narcotic known as methadone to move you from the drug you are using such as heroin to another drug called methadone. The problem is that you are basically trading one drug for another. There is usually no plan for detox from methadone and there are studies that show people taking methadone for twenty years or more. Withdrawal symptoms from methadone are painful and can last several weeks.

The best method of detox is IV therapy medical detox. IV therapy will safely and effectively remove the toxins from your body. The process begins with an assessment of your physical health and your psychological and social well being. A customized detoxification plan will be created for you by critical care physicians and registered nurses and the plan will be carried out through IV therapy. IV therapy is important because it allows the doctors and nurses to adjust your medication to meet the withdrawal symptoms. Your care will be monitored around the clock by doctors, nurses and technicians with the use of cardiac telemetry and video technology.

When your drug detox is complete, you may want to consider enrolling in a program that will help you continue to rebuild your life. Freedom Model Retreats is not a 12 step program, nor do we use substitute drugs to help you build a life without drugs. Rather, we offer an educational Cognitive Behavioral Learning program that helps you identify the habits that led you to choose drugs and help you create different habits and a more fulfilling and satisfying lifestyle. We also help you to establish different behaviors that will lead you to a life that is drug free, permanently.

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