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Drug Detox Massachusetts

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Drug Detox Opportunities in Massachusetts

Drug Detox MassachusettsMaking the decision to get drug detox in Massachusetts for heroin or other drug use is a step in the right direction. Results from a National Survey on Drug Use and Heath study showed that there are nearly 100,000 excessive drug users in MA, with heroin as the most used drug. Drug use has escalated over the past decade in Massachusetts. While many detox programs will tell you that you have a brain disease and that there is no hope; the truth is you are not diseased and there are solutions available to you.

Drug use can cause lasting damage to relationships and careers and it can deplete family and personal finances. Excessive drug use can have a devastating effect on an individual's health and can lead to risky behavior that under different circumstances you would not engage in. Long term drug use causes the individual to develop a tolerance. In order to attain the same sense of euphoria as before, they have to increase their dose which could lead to drug overdose.

Drug Detox Options

Depending on your needs, there are many options for drug detox in Massachusetts. If you prefer an outpatient program, you may choose to use a medical or non medical program. Non medical programs include group therapy, meditation therapy, vitamin therapy and acupuncture.

Some outpatient drug detox programs offer to medically treat drug dependency. Methadone clinics use the drug methadone, and sometimes suboxone as a substitute for the drug that would usually be used. The downside to this type of treatment is that methadone and suboxone are narcotics and controlled substances and have the potential for physical dependency. Methadone clinics and maintenance centers are funded by state and federal agencies and there are no safety measures in place to have clients stop taking the drugs. As a result, long term use ensues.

IV therapy medical detox is seen as the safest and most effective method for drug detox. IV therapy allows doctors to adjust the medication used during the detox process as your withdrawal symptoms change and it also allows them to keep you comfortable. Care is under the supervision of doctors and nurses and monitored 24/7.

After Detox

Some individuals find it necessary to enroll in an after program after drug detox is completed to help you rebuild your life. Freedom Model Retreats offers an educational based program that helps guests self evaluate and make decisions based on their ability to choose not to use drugs. Our guests are empowered to go on to have a life that is permanently free of drug use. Whether you are looking for a drug detox in Boston or any other area, we can help.

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