Home Detox Rehab Treatment Methods

Home Detox Treatment Methods Are Not Always Recommended

The Risks Of Home Detox Rehab Treatment Methods

You may have reached the point where your substance use has set you on a course of negative consequences and it may be time to get help. You are considering your options of going into a facility for a lengthy stay, or you might consider outpatient services or even go it alone and try one of the home detox rehab treatment methods. Before you choose any of them you should consult with a doctor to see which option is best for you.

Not everyone needs detox. Some drugs, because of their composition, do not require detox. Other drugs however, such as heroin, oxycontin and others have withdrawal symptoms and are best handled with medical assistance.

IV therapy medical detox is seen by many doctors as the best method for substance detox. IV therapy is supervised by a physician and implemented intravenously. IV therapy is seen as the best because it allows the doctor to change the medication protocol to meet your withdrawal symptoms which keeps you comfortable and helps you complete the detox process.

A number of the home detox rehab treatment methods follow the same philosophy set forth by 12 step programs. In fact the majority of do it yourself detox and rehab methods incorporate a 12 step program into their supposed support methods.

12 step programs follow a "substance use is a disease" ideology. They teach the false idea that you inherited your substance use, whether it is alcohol or drugs, from your family members. They teach that you have an addiction gene or an alcoholic gene and that you cannot help that you have a substance use problem. 12 step programs believe that you are powerless against your drug or alcohol use and that the only real treatment for substance use is belief in a higher power, abstinence and treatment therapy and meetings for the rest of your life. This manner of thinking creates an idea that the substance user is a victim. Members of 12 step programs are required to attend meetings, which have been known to be venting opportunities for angry and bitter individuals.

In reality, there is no alcoholism or addiction gene and you are not diseased. Your substance use is the result of learned chosen behavior. If you change the behavior, your life changes. You are not a victim. You choose to use drugs and alcohol and you can choose not to.

St. Jude Retreats offers an alternative to home detox rehab treatment methods. We are not a 12 step program. We are a non-treatment program. The St. Jude Program uses cognitive behavioral education to help our guests realize that they are not helpless and they are not victims. Our guests learn how to self assess and self change as methods to make more productive decisions and to form habits and behaviors that are positive in nature. Our guests discover that they can achieve lifelong success without substance use.

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