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Idaho DetoxIdaho has been noticed for having a nearly 50% of their drug treatment admissions for in their state for marijuana use according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) from a 2009 survey. Idaho's next largest drug use is stimulants.

In 2009, Idaho had only 139 that were admitted to a drug and alcohol detox center with only 14 finishing their treatment, 97 stopped, 7 were dismissed and 21 were under unknown reasons per a SAMHSA survey done in 2009. Idaho also has a Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs system (PDMPs) that tracks controlled drugs that are being given out by authorized physicians and pharmacies that are dispensing them. This system is for many reasons, it helps aid in patient care, provides early warning signs of any drug epidemics, helps to identify drug diversion and insurance fraud.

Idaho mandates both drug and alcohol education and assessments and treatment for those who require it, will even confiscate your vehicle if needed and has the ignition interlock device in their state for those who are caught drinking and driving. The Office of National Drug Control Policy has been trying to get Idaho to implement Per Se standards so that it can be made illegal to drive after taking any illicit drug(s).

Idaho has 65 drug and alcohol detox centers in their state if you or anyone close to you is on a quest for one. If you have found a specific detox center, it is vital that you study its program in full detail before you or someone makes a irrevocable choice.

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