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Montana Detox

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Montana DetoxThe state of Montana has prominent problems with prescription drugs. According to the Department of Justice, every year 300 people die because of prescription drugs. It is actually 15 times more deadly than cocaine and meth combined. Montana rated the third highest in our nation with prescription drugs among kids. Kids have commented that prescription drugs are so much easier to access than street drugs.

In 2009, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), reported there were 8,298 admissions into drug and alcohol detox centers. Out of that there were 3,839 who completed detox, 1,763 transferred, 1,907 withdrew from programs, and 490 were for unknown reasons. Are you , or a family member or friend looking for a drug and alcohol detox center in Montana? If you replied "yes", the state of Montana has over 31 treatment centers to choose from.

Governor Brian Schweitzer signed for the SB 83, which is their Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs) that helps them track Schedule II-V drugs by authorized practitioners and pharmacies to help reduce drug use and diversion. The Drug Free Communities (DFC) Programs which is funded by grants given by the ONDCP has eight programs to help with reducing drug use in their local communities. Montana also has the Rocky Mountain HIDTA that covers Montana, Colorado, Wyoming and Utah and 34 counties. The Rocky Mountain HIDTA is in the process of developing a commercial vehicle criminal interdiction training course for their state patrol officers. HIDTA is also interacting with the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA) to help build a Rocky Mountain Chapter to improve their intelligence analytical skills, education and the exchanging of information.

If you are trying to select a drug and alcohol detox center near Montana, it is vital that you explore and research other treatment centers before you select a certain one just so that you don’t have any doubts with your final decision and that you feel confident with the one you have selected because this is a decision that will change your life forever.

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