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New Mexico Detox

Making the Search for an Effective Drug Detox or Alcohol Detox in New Mexico a Reality

New Mexico DetoxNew Mexico's drug overdose rate increased by more than 60% from 2001-2010 which was reported by the New Mexico Health Department. The Centers of Disease Control(CDC) and Prevention also stated that New Mexico had the nation's top drug overdose rate in 2008. The New Mexico Drug Policy Task Force, Legislature and Governor identified that substance use has become a huge epidemic. Most of the people dying from prescription drugs are between the ages of 44-64 which most are women.

In 2005, New Mexico implemented a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) system that is run by the state Board of Pharmacy which monitors scheduled II, III, and IV meds. Each pharmacy in New Mexico is set up so that they can retrieve a patient's report of controlled substances that have been dispensed. They also have the Southwest Border HIDTA which has 20 voted members on their Executive Committee which is split equally between Federal, state and local agencies and they also share 180 miles of border with Mexico. Also to help aid them, they have the Southern Forensic Laboratory Initiative that supplies forensic drug examinations of controlled drugs that have been seized in their area.

In 2010, New Mexico received Federal grants to help them lower the drug use in their state. The Federal grants provided support for drug and alcohol detox centers, programs to help their youth, schools, state and local governments and for their law enforcement agencies that totaled $63,709,234. There are 133 drug and alcohol detox centers in New Mexico available if you or a loved one is interested in help with drug and or alcohol use. It is very important that you or your loved one research your options that are available to you before you make any decisions or a commitment that may change your life forever.

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