Will I Relapse After Drug Detox?

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Can I Avoid Relapse After Drug Detox?

Most traditional drug detox programs available implement 12 step instruction as part of their program and you may be asking, will I relapse after drug detox. Whether you are planning to receive medical detox through an outpatient program at a methadone clinic or from a doctor's office to receive suboxone or subutex, or you are entering an inpatient hospital detox program, you will likely be required or strongly advised to attend 12 step meetings.

A 12 step program teaches the false belief that drug use is a disease, that you inherited your drug use from an addictive gene passed down from generation to generation and that you are powerless against your drug use. They teach that relapse after drug detox is expected. 12 step programs require their members to attend group meetings and promote that the only treatment available against their disease is lifelong meetings, abstinence and belief in a higher power.

The truth is that you are not diseased and despite decades of research no addictive gene has been isolated. People use drugs because they want to use drugs; and in fact, no one was born to use drugs, drug use is a learned behavior and a choice. You can learn not to use drugs. While traditional detox methods promote the 12 step philosophy, they are basically telling you that you will be back and that your detox will not last because you are diseased and you have no control over substance use.

An Alternative To Traditional Drug Detox

However, IV therapy medical detox is different and it is seen as the best method and alternative to traditional detoxes. IV therapy medical detox is administered by a licensed and board certified physician that is highly skilled in critical care medicine. Patients are monitored around the clock by registered nurses with experience in ICU and ER care.

IV therapy makes it possible for the doctor to make adjustments to the medication protocol to meet your withdrawal symptoms and to keep you comfortable. Research shows that the more comfortable that you are throughout the detox process the more likely you are to complete the detox. Research also shows that individuals who complete detox are more likely to stay off drugs than individuals who walk out of detox. Detoxes that offer this service are a select few but worth the time and effort to find them.

After you have completed detox, you may find it necessary to enter a program to help you rebuild your life after drug use. Freedom Model Retreats is a non-treatment program that is not a 12 step program and does not promote the idea that you have to relapse after drug detox.

Freedom Model Retreats utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Learning to teach our guests self assessment and self-directed life changes. Our guests identify their problematic thought and behavior patterns. They, then, create habits that are more positive and production, and lead to a more fulfilling life. Freedom Model Program students discover that they are not powerless in their life and that they can have a life that is permanently free from drug use problems.

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