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Rhode Island DetoxDeciding to enter a Rhode Island drug and alcohol detox center for substance use is a step toward gaining greater control of your life. According to State of Rhode Island substance use statistics, heroin and prescription drug use has seen a significant spike in the past five years. There are more than 60 alcohol and drug detox centers in Rhode Island, the right facility can help you beat your substance use.

Drug and alcohol use can have a devastating undermine on relationships, careers and resources. Excessive substance use can significantly impact your health and effect behavior in an unproductive and sometimes destructive manner. Using drugs and alcohol for prolong periods of time can result in a developed tolerance in which the user has to increase their drug and alcohol use to try to reach the same level of "high" as before. In some cases, individuals have overdosed on drugs and alcohol from excessively increasing the dosage to intolerable levels.

Whether you are in need of inpatient, outpatient, medical or nonmedical assistance, Rhode Island drug and alcohol detox centers can help you. Outpatient nonmedical detox uses several holistic approaches for detox including meditation therapy, vitamin therapy and acupuncture, but these can be dangerous without proper medical protocols.

12 step programs follow the false belief that drug and alcohol use are a disease and that you cannot help your substance use because you have a genetic defect and you were born to use alcohol and drugs. They also promote the false idea that only through abstaining from drug and alcohol use can you maintain sobriety. The fact is that drug and alcohol use are not a disease, and moderation can be a valuable tool to lower excessive use patterns. Substance use is a choice and you can make a different choice; not to use drugs and alcohol or moderate use.

Methadone clinics are an example of outpatient medical detox. Methadone clinics use the drug methadone or suboxone to transition or replace the drugs or alcohol normally used. Both methadone and suboxone are narcotics and controlled substances and each have their own side effects and withdrawal symptoms, thus making them an ineffective method to produce truly sober outcomes.

Inpatient medical detox is another option to go through the detoxification for the period in which withdrawal symptoms are present until the drugs and alcohol are safely and effectively removed from your system. IV therapy medical detox has a long history of positive detox outcomes. IV therapy is carried out under the care of physicians and nurses and allows the doctors to change the medication to meet the withdrawal symptoms as they change.

After completion of a detoxification program, you may find it necessary to enroll in a program that can help you in rebuilding your life after drug and alcohol use. The educational cognitive behavioral program at Freedom Model Retreats helps guests realize that they have the strength to choose not to use drugs and alcohol. Guests are empowered to develop habits that are more helpful and fulfilling and that lead to long term success for a life that is permanently free from drug and alcohol use.

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