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Will I Recieve Suboxone In Drug Detox?

Suboxone Free Detox Is Possible With The Help Of St. Jude's

Excessive Drug Use Doesn't Have To Result In Detox With Suboxone

If you have decided to get help for your excessive drug use and are concerned, will I receive suboxone in detox, the answer is it will depend on the method of detox that you use.

Suboxone is part of the same drug family that methadone, subutex, vicodin and morphine belong to. It is an opiate and it works by affecting the central nervous system and blocking pain in the opioid receptors. Suboxone, as well as methadone, were originally intended to be used to slowly detox individuals from opiates and alcohol, however research has shown that some doctors prescribe suboxone or methadone for long term replacement therapy, and patients never stopped taking them. They basically swap one substance use for another. Some individuals are still taking suboxone and methadone twenty years later or have continuously gone back and forth between suboxone and other opiate use.

Another problem with suboxone use is that when taken in large amounts and for prolonged periods of time, a tolerance develops that requires higher amounts with each use in order to achieve the same results as previously felt. This may result in dependency on suboxone.

Detox Alternatives Without Suboxone

There are alternatives to using suboxone, methadone and subutex in detox. Nonmedical detox is a natural and holistic approach to detox in which acupuncture, vitamin therapy, meditation therapy and yoga are used to increase balance and wellness. You can attend a mind, body and spirit retreat for a week or longer as an inpatient, or you can get these services as an outpatient. While this approach works for some, it does not work for everyone.

Another alternative to the use of suboxone in detox is inpatient medical detox. IV therapy medical detox is seen by many as the best method for detox. IV therapy is supervised by a physician and patient care is monitored by registered nurses and with the use of cardiac telemetry and video technology. Patients detox in private rooms and are allowed the use of their own personal electronic devices, in fact, patients will find HDTV and wireless internet access in their private rooms.

Intravenous therapy is relevant because it allows doctors the ability to change the medication protocol as it needs to be changed for an immediate effect and to meet the withdrawal symptoms which keeps the patient comfortable and allows them to successfully complete the detox process.

For some people it may be necessary to enroll in a program after they have successfully completed their detox. St. Jude Retreats is a non-treatment program and offers a cognitive behavioral education program that teaches guests how they can reevaluate their choices and decisions, identify their patterns of behavior and change them for more positive and productive habits. The results are a life that is more enhanced and purposeful. Guests at Saint Jude's are empowered and discover that they can have a life that is permanently free from drug and alcohol use.

Testimonial by John

Theresa, Jim, Mark, Shannon, Renata, AlL the people at the St. Jude Retreats: I did not realize how much of an influence you all have had on my life until I have run into situations where I feel nothing is going right. In the each situation I have learned "from you" to look at the positive, in everything however small it may seem. Wow what a difference it makes focusing on the positive part of everything instead of the negative. I could give you numerous examples but they would be too lengthy to mention. Thank you again for teaching and coaching me to always look at the positive part of everything even if it only a small part of the total picture!More Testimonials Here

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