If I need serious help, does a Luxury Rehab work better?

Freedom Model's alternative Programs might be the better option

Will A Luxury Rehab Work Better For Addictions?Plain and simple no. Some may come to wonder if people go to certain luxury rehabs because of their success rates or because the latest celebrity is tweeting about it. While luxurious alcohol and drug rehabs are beautiful, all the fancy "fluff" surrounding them does not make them more effective! To break it down even more, these popular rehabs are really just AA meetings in a five star hotel. The Freedom Model has completed extensive research over the last twenty years that has revealed that the AA meeting model is not helping people, in fact it is hindering their chances of long-lasting sobriety.

In addition to the fact that individuals may not see results, luxury rehabs can be extremely costly ranging on average from $50,000 to $100,000 for a 30 day visit! With Saint Jude Retreats being a third or in some cases an eighth of the cost of these other drug and alcohol rehabs--The Freedom Model will give our guests something they need and that is sobriety. Fancy socialite rehabs may be great for celebrities who have the money, but how can these rehabs realistically work when paparazzi are taking pictures of celebrities entering them, where is the confidentiality? Famous or not, someone ready to enter into an alcohol or drug treatment facility should be concerned that the information about their stay could be leaked into the wrong hands. At the Freedom Model we uphold the highest level of confidently by not having any paperwork that someone stayed at our facilities that could later be reproduced to harm someone's personal or professional life.

The retreat houses at Freedom Model Retreats, are beautiful and nestled in rural areas, where your privacy is sacred. Our program can offer you guaranteed results without breaking the bank. At the Freedom Model we understand that cost will always be an issue but do believe that health comes first and at no price. Our payment options also ensure that anyone can attend the Freedom Model Program. Even if you do not chose Freedom Model's we want to make sure you understand the truth about typical rehab programs even if they are well-known luxury programs. Ultimately at Freedom Model's you will be provided with a life plan to obtain sobriety, but only you can make the choice to stop using drugs and alcohol. This alternative view of choice is not practiced in luxury rehabs, which strongly believe you are sick with addictions. You do not have an addiction--because addictions do not exist! This is one of the most important messagesThe Freedom Model tries to get across to guests! You can overcome anything you put your mind to. Get the best help you deserve only at Saint Jude Retreats.


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